WTH! President Of South Africa, Jacob Zuma Bans Citizens Of 9 African Countries From Entering SA

Published 2 years ago by: Giwa bayo
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at 13-03-2017 10:43AM (2 years ago)

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Jacob Zuma South Africa-led government may have pulled a massive shocker to African nations after announcing an immediate ban to all citizens from Southern Africa, Live Monitor report says. The news medium reports that with immediate effect, citizens from these countries will no longer be allowed in South Africa in what Zuma called a temporary freeze: Angola, Botswana, Lesotho, Malawi, Mozambique, Namibia, Swaziland, Zambia, and Zimbabwe. The news was greeted with resistance from various stakeholders and diplomats from the affected countries are said to have called an emergency meeting. Speaking from the parliament, Jacob Zuma said the countries in Southern Africa are responsible for the rampant job loss among local South Africans. “I want South Africans to have jobs before others but it’s the other way round. Why should my child suffer while my neighbor’s child eats in my field?”, Zuma reportedly said. Another reason that Zuma highlighted was the alarming crime rates. He said foreigners from neighboring countries commit crimes and run away from their countries, mostly illegals. “All foreigners currently in South Africa from the affected countries will be vetted and if found to have contravened, they will be sent home immediately”, he announced. There was no word on how the affected countries would respond to Zuma’s shock announcement.

Wazubia at 13-03-2017 10:56AM (2 years ago)
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Trump style on work! Why should someone emulate that.  Lips Sealed Lips Sealed Lips Sealed Lips Sealed Lips Sealed Lips Sealed Lips Sealed Lips Sealed
Mykie010 at 13-03-2017 11:48AM (2 years ago)
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African leaders should stop protesting against this type of laws,they should simply improve the standard of living and develop their countries
akinmanchy at 13-03-2017 11:49AM (2 years ago)
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Wetin dem even dey find for the stupid country full of imbeciles sef? Mtcheeew

kaposky at 13-03-2017 11:57AM (2 years ago)
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gogoman at 13-03-2017 11:59AM (2 years ago)
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ha ha ha ha ha African leaders are imbecilic
angesco at 13-03-2017 12:33PM (2 years ago)
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What did you expect?



Therefore the REAL SOUTH AFRICANS need the JOBS considered UNSKILLED for themselves but which are being taken by neighbouring AFRICAN countries.

Zuma is a weak leader who CANNOT stand up to the WHITE SETTLERS!!!!!
ficull at 13-03-2017 01:54PM (2 years ago)
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Lesotho and Swaziland are countries inside South Africa.
Troublemenot at 13-03-2017 03:00PM (2 years ago)
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 SEE FEAR  Grin Grin Grin Oloshi why him no ban Nigeria too
Nobi Nigeria dem say be their number problem
nametalkam at 13-03-2017 04:22PM (2 years ago)
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This geezer cannot be serious, imagine the effontry!!!! And these countries are even part of the African union, what a joke of a president and country

Dramaking at 13-03-2017 04:51PM (2 years ago)
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Smh... I tot Nigerian was their main reason of all those attacks, why is he afraid 2 add us 2 the list. Lol.
Mobbysmartins at 13-03-2017 07:57PM (2 years ago)
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I always suspected this man was a weasel.If this is true then I have my confirmation that he is a weasel.All the countries he is banning from his country are members of the South African Regional Bloc,how can he think he can do that??
When we in West Africa are chasing away the likes of Blaise Compaoré and Yaya Jammeh.
I weep for South Africa and their gullible citizens,because if this philanderer of a president continues with what he is doing,then the ANC will lose the next election and a small party will go into coalition with the white people in South Africa to win the election,and we all know what that means,back to status quo "APATHIED".(Whether the spelling is correct or not,I do not mind,everyone here know what I mean)
My South African brothers,nobody can take your job in your country if you are skilled,save yourselves,go to school,get a skill,be an accountant,become a financier,be a lawyer,be an investment banker,be a nurse,be a teacher.....ETC.And then nobody CAN take your job from you in your country,your country already have laws that favors it's citizens in terms of employment opportunities,just get the skills and you will get your job.
But you see laborer work (unskilled work),carry block,build house,paint house,na for everybody
Meanwhile I think say una no dey fear?,why una no include Naija for the countries wey una band??.Person we no no who pass am na im dey die shameful death,next time you start try to know your BIG BROSS.
Mobbysmartins at 13-03-2017 08:05PM (2 years ago)
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Oga Zuma,go and chase Mugabe away from Zimbabwe before you come here to talk.My Presidents in ECOWAS successfully chased away two DICTATORS in 2 years.
1. Blaise Compaoré-----Burkina Faso (Chased away in 2015)
2.Yaya Jammeh----------The Gambia (Chased away 2017)
Mobbysmartins at 13-03-2017 08:14PM (2 years ago)
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MY WORST in WEST AFRICA is better than the BEST OF BLACK SOUTH AFRICANS.Stupid Xenophobic people picking on their own brothers for nothing.Get your LANDS and MINES back from the people that STOLE them from you before you talk to me.
fesocan at 13-03-2017 08:24PM (2 years ago)
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Why him no include Nigeria? Because I no Nigerians are smarter than all the listed country here. He only vest his power on the little one he can fight.
24magic at 13-03-2017 08:33PM (2 years ago)
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Well let's see if it worked or not
Omagrl at 13-03-2017 08:46PM (2 years ago)
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SA are devils that's why they don't have jobs. Rather, foreigners are the ones progressing. Ewu  Grin
AmazingMarie at 13-03-2017 08:57PM (2 years ago)
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this is terrible
tyomon at 13-03-2017 10:58PM (2 years ago)
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Should i relate the comments people make here to poor educational background or laziness to read more about other countries. If you believe this nasty story, you just might as well go back to primary one F and repeat that class and stop projecting Nigeria as an ignorant Nation.
akinmanchy at 14-03-2017 12:01AM (2 years ago)
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This man no get any sense

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