Facebook User Shares List Of Apostle Suleman's Alleged False Prophecies (READ ON)

Published On: March 15, 2017, 6:19 am
Mister Jay Wonder
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I don't know how true this is, but as shared by Facebook user,  Adejumo Omidiran on Akwa Ibom political forum he wrote.

"Relics of Apostle Suleiman's prophecy :
>Presidential election will be inconclusive, but Jonathan would be declared winner. APC Pray!--- Check today's date... GEJ is ex-president

>El Rufai should go and sit down. For abusing Jesus, he will not win Kaduna election... who is gov of Kaduna today?

>Anti-preaching bill: El-Rufai will die - Mr Johnson Suleiman. El-Rufai asked mr suleiman to tell him the day he will die? Nigerians are still waiting

>"I see a woman becoming the president of America, but her health needs attention . . . who is president of America? Trump na woman?

>President Obama needs serious prayers for his health . . . Obama today has turned Mafia in America, giving Trump serious migraine. Hale and Hearty

>Britain needs prayers because of her Queen . . . Prayer for a 90 years old woman? To live to 200? (Nonsense, who doesnt know a 90 yrs old woman can die anytime?

>2015 presidential election will be rigged, marred by violence and end up in court . . . There was no violence nor court case ooo.

>Rochas Okorocha; I saw him moving to PDP . . . Okorocha today is the one taking people into APC.

>And now you accept sending money to a woman you call a stripper and initially denied knowing . . . abi she de manage orphanage?

In spite of all these, the multitude keeps growing. Some are so irascible in their convictions that even a cow can lead them. Christ never said we should jettison our brains!

The matter is in court! Let's give all parties chance to prove their innocence!" - He said

-- kabukabu (m) at 15-03-2017 06:30AM
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Na women they full church bouku. Na dem they full shrine yanfu yanfu. Them plenty for mosque no be small. I wonder why they are so easy to cheat.
-- Chericoco (f) at 15-03-2017 06:50AM
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See di kind butt (miss Okeke )suleman di climb. Not a fan to all those celebrity pastors. Devil don mess for suleman face this time.
-- Wazubia (m) at 15-03-2017 06:51AM
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In suleiman case, I'm still say it that no smoke without fire. The pastor is a guyman. Not man of God.
-- Haso112 (m) at 15-03-2017 08:55AM
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''Those SHALLOW MINDS on here never read this one abi''  Grin Grin Grin
-- chukkychukky (m) at 15-03-2017 09:05AM
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-- joseusi007 (m) at 15-03-2017 09:23AM
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The devil is the ruler of this world. 
That's why El-Rufai is still alive for all is unrepented evil act from fct minister where he killed many by demolishing their houses.
To a governor that supports the killing of christians.
-- akinmanchy (m) at 15-03-2017 11:55AM
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Hmmmm na only God know who dey serve am in truth and indeed

-- 24magic (m) at 15-03-2017 01:18PM
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Lol funny though
-- morgan1 (m) at 15-03-2017 02:45PM
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 Roll Eyes
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I go
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What a joke

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I see

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