Comment On The Swag Senator!! Check Out Dino Melaye’s Outfit Today - Photos

Published On: October 12, 2017, 11:28 pm
success Xenab
-- (m) at 12-10-2017 11:28PM

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Senator representing Kogi west at the Nigerian senate, Dino Melaye  is unarguably a man of style. He stepped out today in these Supreme designers red and white outfit.

-- gogoman (m) at 12-10-2017 11:33PM
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ooh bloody clown
-- ThinkWisly (m) at 12-10-2017 11:56PM
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Na ur fault. Idiot like u. Soon Nigerians, we all will be stoning you people stealing our money. God punish ur generation bastard.
-- Knowman (m) at 12-10-2017 11:58PM
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No wear your red enter Cali or those blood boys go use you do suya
-- Upbendel (m) at 13-10-2017 01:43AM
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Please enjoy your no get duplicate............
-- edobaaustino (m) at 13-10-2017 03:43AM
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just look @him, politicians with no future ambition for their country but always like travelling to an already made countries to feel like big boys and big ladies; how can racism stop in the western world against we the black people when our leaders are behaving like a child whenever they travel to the white man's country? smh... the thunder that will fire all ye Nigeria leaders is still going through some training with amadioha.
-- mjyabah2 (m) at 13-10-2017 04:29AM
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What is good for the goose is also good for the gander. What all of u run abroad to enjoy are the efforts and visions of people who love their country. Please endeavor to bring such quality of life to Nigerian citizens.
-- BournIdentity (m) at 13-10-2017 04:32AM
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Mumu dey smell.,.,,,,,                                     
-- kixme (m) at 13-10-2017 07:25AM
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Otule!! you never won grow baa? Roll Eyes Roll Eyes Roll Eyes
-- muller242 (m) at 13-10-2017 08:45AM
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It's only a clown dat would continue to seek for attention. How many senators have been taking selfies like him? Moron.
-- tyomon (m) at 13-10-2017 09:13AM
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He is an overgrown baby drowning in failure. The lunatic senator boy is dealing with high BP and family complexity. He is an idle senator
-- ruthie (f) at 13-10-2017 10:04AM
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look at this old fool
-- proly (f) at 13-10-2017 10:48AM
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Hahahhah...see belle....nothing wrong with the dressing because 90years old over here still dress more than this
-- itumopapa (m) at 13-10-2017 12:46PM
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This man self, na only u?
-- kixme (m) at 19-10-2017 08:33AM
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Big Otula