Nigerian Dad, Stella Igherighe Reveals What His Son Did To Him After Giving Him N136K

Published 2 years ago by: onuigbo felicia
at 8-02-2018 01:29PM (2 years ago)

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Nigerian man with a facebook account name Stella Igherighe shared his ordeal with his. The man shared a photo of him been inflicted with wound and a bandage tied round his arm. The man felt so disappointed that he called his son worthless, following a disagreement over money for his school and that of his younger sister.
The man revealed that he gave his son N136,000 for school and his younger sister N95,000, but the son demanded for extra N25,000 from him – which he promised to give him by month end.
According to reports, the son who said he needed the complete money before going back to school – used a sharp object and injured his father in the process.

slimber at 8-02-2018 01:35PM (2 years ago)
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What kind of stupid son will do that to  the daddy..even the daddy even to give him half of the money Kai some children useless.
ruthie at 8-02-2018 01:38PM (2 years ago)
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 Grin abi the papa stingy ni...why do this?
crocatum at 8-02-2018 01:47PM (2 years ago)
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Probably the man felt as a son he was entitled to receive money from his dad and if his father was not going to meet his demands, he was prepared to attack his dad. This says a lot about the mentality of certain people, sure our parents should take care of us, but have we put on the shoes our parents wear, why should we ever attack our parents, even if our parents are wicked, its unreasonable to attack them. Its better to always give our parent rest of mind, regardless of our parents attitudes.

nature7888 at 8-02-2018 02:17PM (2 years ago)
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Hmmmm, hand him to the authorities, u might not be lucky next time o
blowout at 8-02-2018 02:33PM (2 years ago)
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hmmmm some people wey no get son no go understand why God no give them son. e no go better say person no get son than to get this one so.
cypanyahucha at 8-02-2018 02:47PM (2 years ago)
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Don't worry urself. His own children will do him 5x
Otikadinje at 8-02-2018 04:00PM (2 years ago)
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You must have spoilt him from the scratch,  go back home and mend your leaking roof sir.

osarobo62 at 8-02-2018 04:50PM (2 years ago)
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Nigerian man with a facebook account name Stella Igherighe
that says it all. we know where his son got his madness from
smart61 at 8-02-2018 07:29PM (2 years ago)
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It is clear now he has no son but a cultist living with him.
smart61 at 8-02-2018 07:32PM (2 years ago)
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It is clear now that he has no son but a cultist living with him.
Marakelvs at 8-02-2018 10:23PM (2 years ago)
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for a man to bear "Stella" dat says it all, is in d blood. maybe d son name na Roseline
gogoman at 8-02-2018 11:18PM (2 years ago)
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If dem tell u make u no born u no go gree..  see wetin u get
xspraise at 9-02-2018 07:48AM (2 years ago)
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sorry this man na woman? why Stella? na wa oo