EXPOSED!!! OAU Lecturer, Prof Richard Akindele Recorded Threatening Female Student For Sex (Audio)

2 years ago by: kaygee
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-- (m) at 9-04-2018 03:40PM

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Popular OAU Professor and Pastor by name '' Richard Akindele'' recorded making arrangements with a female student to KNACK 5 TIMES for an 'E' grade

Nigeria is a VERY TOUGH place to be a WOMAN! This Professor in this RECORDED phone call ALLEGEDLY requested for FIVE SEX DATES (Not 5 rounds o) to upgrade the FEMALE student from 'Fail.' Admitted he'd DONE IT with a couple of other FEMALE STUDENTS. Justice MUST BE SERVED!
— JJ. Omojuwa (@Omojuwa) April 9, 2018

The pathetic story has drawn mixed reactions from Nigerians, and a timely conversation on morality on campuses…

We should also condemn the lady, if you fail, go back and prepare better to retake the exam why solicit for favors. Reason we have so many unemployable graduates.
— alabi| (@abbeylarge) April 9, 2018

She should apply to the school senate for remarking. I'm not comfortable with this approach. If she is so sure of what she wrote, reporting is the best option
— Gen Maximus (@High_Chief1) April 9, 2018

The lady is really smart.
— Ak praise (@Akpraise) April 9, 2018

What the lecturer did is bad but the thing is that she failed and is looking for patching.
Lecturers should be punished for this, so also STUDENTS SHOULD PREPARE HARD TO PASS EXAMS to also avoid this……..
— Shittu Oluwatobiloba Joshua (@mercyseat001ym1) April 9, 2018

I'm tired of this country. He'll probably go scot free.
— EMILOJU (@BABALADE_) April 9, 2018

I was so ashamed to read some of the replies I read here, some young pple that wants to run d country still faults d young lady. I was so embarrassed to see 1 with Redcard movement Avatar faulting d lady that may b deliberately failed by d lecturer just so he could exploit her.
— Wale III (@arijoniglimited) April 9, 2018

Any lecturer that reveals grades to individual students priori to publication only does so for corrupt reasons.
— Ogaranya! (@DarkRidersDream) April 9, 2018

Chaii….This matter don reach here….This man careeer don go…God save us from all these crazy lecturers
— FEYISAYO (@_Feyola_) April 9, 2018

5 times for anE? I know of a girl that sexed her way to graduation. May God protect our sisters and daughters.
— Engr. Adamu Hayatu™ (@AHayatu) April 9, 2018

Sexual predators are many in the Nigerian university system. The system actually protects them and keeps enabling them. It's a shame.
— Francis (@FrancisIyke_) April 9, 2018

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-- fadipelanre (m) at 9-04-2018 04:03PM
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useless man
-- ngfineface (f) at 9-04-2018 04:04PM
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The man is in serious trouble.
-- fineboy77 Online (m) at 9-04-2018 04:04PM
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You are FIRED !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

-- nature7888 (m) at 9-04-2018 04:17PM
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-- Mashbol (m) at 9-04-2018 04:59PM
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He would escape any today
-- ruthie (f) at 9-04-2018 05:26PM
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-- celebritygee (m) at 9-04-2018 05:46PM
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He's not the first and he's not gonna be the last. Na who want judge am I dey ask? the matter is dead and closed...Nigeria with evil
-- EDDYPRINCE (m) at 9-04-2018 05:57PM
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Just hear the old fool,,,  na wa oh,  in fact send to the wife.  The man is in serious soup.
-- EDDYPRINCE (m) at 9-04-2018 05:59PM
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he will be fired from school and at home
-- osarobo62 (m) at 9-04-2018 06:45PM
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what a shame. The students should manhandle him and strip him naked in the campus
-- Drpeter (m) at 9-04-2018 07:09PM
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na wa o
-- crocatum (m) at 9-04-2018 07:25PM
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 Smiley Smiley Smiley
-- Wazubia (m) at 9-04-2018 07:29PM
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-- slimber (f) at 9-04-2018 08:21PM
(12070 | Hero) yeye lecturer
-- slimber (f) at 9-04-2018 08:21PM
(12070 | Hero) yeye lecturer
-- OmosetanOmorele (m) at 9-04-2018 08:41PM
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Mr Lecturer to n tesojue...Bad guy!
-- gogoman (m) at 9-04-2018 11:02PM
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-- EDDYPRINCE (m) at 9-04-2018 11:54PM
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he goat,  your last stop
-- EDDYPRINCE (m) at 10-04-2018 08:49PM
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Randy lecturer
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