Fulani Herdsmen Don’t Need Visa To Enter Nigeria – Miyetti Allah Gives Reasons

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National President of Miyetti Allah Kautal Hore, Abdullahi Bello Bodejo, has explained why Fulani herdsmen in other countries don’t need a visa to enter Nigeria.

Bodejo disclosed that Fulani herdsmen are the largest ethnic group in the world, hence, need no Visa to enter Nigeria or any other country in the world.

He made the remark in response to claims that the Federal Government’s entry visa policy was aimed at allowing herdsmen to gain unhindered entrance into Nigeria.

The Federal Government had recently unveiled a new visa policy, which would allow visitors to gain visa upon entrance into Nigeria.

However, Bodejo in a chat with The Sun said: “This is democracy, anybody can say and criticize anything. Fulani are all over Africa and they are the biggest ethnic group in the world, they don’t have border; nothing concerns them with visa. With their cows, they can cross any border and go anywhere they want where there is green pasture.

“What concerns Fulani with visa? The Fulani that needs visa are very few, and they are the very educated ones and are in government in other countries. Free visa or no free visa, Fulani don’t have any border.

“Oh yes. They go anywhere they want from anywhere without visa all over the whole world, not only in Africa. They can migrate from Sahel, from Sudan, from Chad, from Niger, from Cameroon to here (Nigeria), nothing concerns them with visa. Even before now that bandits are trying to spoil Fulani name and image, there is nothing that concerns them with visa; the country where they just want to enter, they will enter and you can just see them.

“So, those who are troubling themselves that the free visa policy that President Buhari wants to introduce was aimed at bringing in the Fulani from other countries should hold their peace as there is nothing that concerns the Fulani with visa, as they are well organized and already know how they do their movements with their cows; anywhere they see grass they start grazing in that area. They don’t need visa, you can see them they just appear there and start their grazing business.”

nikiniki (f) at 6-01-2020 09:56PM
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Ok, let them walk into developed world if they won't be gunned down...animals
mountain007 (m) at 7-01-2020 02:26AM
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Bunch of criminals  animals and blood suckers herdsman
titobenja (m) at 7-01-2020 10:52AM
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They even carry guns and other munitions on the street and nobody questions them. Naija make we wake up....there is fire on the mountain.
SweetDaddy1 (m) at 7-01-2020 12:29PM
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Nigeria is a failed State under this present federal government  Grin Grin Grin