It's Not Only Why You Fight But Also How You Fight That Matters.

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> *******************************************************************
> Like I said before, fighting in a relationship
> is normal and can be a healthy thing.
> The question you need to ask yourself is
> whether you are fighting because you want
> to resolve something or merely because
> you want to get back at your partner or be
> in control.
> If you do the latter then you will both lose
> even if you win.
> *******************************************************************
>> Don't put them on the defensive
> When you do that then your partner will
> simply shut up and all communication
> will stop.
> And we all know that when communication
> stops it's all over.
> That's why if you do fight or get into an
> argument never use the "you" word.
> That's because the minute you do that
> the other person will think you're judging
> them and they become defensive.
> And please, no sarcasm. While it is often
> used to lighten the mood, not so when you
> are in an argument.
> The reverse will actually happen. Sarcasm
> will only make it tougher to find a resolution.
> And no name calling as well. You're not
> a child anymore and doing that will only
> make matters worst, not better.
> And don't make the mistake of making
> threats or ultimatums like you will move
> away if this and this doesn't get done or
> something like that.
> Again it doesn't help and will only make
> things escalate. Not the kind of scenario
> you want to have.
>> If it's about the ding on the car then
> keep it about the ding on the car
> Focus on the problem at hand AND only
> on the problem at hand. Don't stray from
> that path.
> And don't bring up any old grudges or old
> history, especially if they have nothing to
> do with the current situation.
> You are not here to keep score. You are
> here to find a resolution to the problem.
>> Be open minded
> Listen and understand your partner's point
> of view.
> Remember, you're not the only one with
> a side on this issue. Your partner has one
> too.
> Try and see it from their perspective.
> Rephrase what you've just heard to show
> that you were listening. Ask questions if
> you don't understand.
>> Take a break if needed
> Whether we want to or not, our emotions
> will tend to get into the argument. When
> that happens things can get carried to
> far or we stop thinking rationally.
> If you feel like you're not in control ask
> for a break to give both of you time to
> calm down.
> But that doesn't mean it's over. Before
> you take a break schedule when you
> will return to the topic at hand.
> *******************************************************************
> Don't forget that the the purpose of your
> fight is so both of you can clarify and find
> a solution to an issue.
> But please, if you have children, take the
> fight private and keep it private.
> If your children see you fight, they may get
> scarred emotionally. DON'T do that.
> And learn to forgive one another. And once
> forgiven don't bring it up again.
> If you do it right, having an argument or a
> fight can help to change what needs to be
> changed, solve problems and harmonize
> your differences.
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