Armed Policeman Threatens Commercial Bus Driver With His Gun In Lagos (Watch)

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-- (m) at 28-01-2020 11:26PM

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An armed policeman was seen threatening a commercial bus driver, at Mile 12, Lagos, with his gun.

In this video, the visibly angry policeman was heard telling the bus driver, “There are 30 (bullets) inside (raising his gun). I won’t use everything.”

He went on to tell the driver, “I’m a fearless person (Agumaye). If you’re Iroko tree, I’m Agumaye. I’m not afraid. Take me to your zone; before I finish using this one (raising his gun), the matter will be decided. Where do you think I’m from? Do you think I’m from the hinterland?

“Look at my face, my name is Bashorun, I’m not a foreigner. Don’t ever try this with me again till you die, even if you’re up to 100.”

All the time that the policeman was talking, passengers in the bus were pleading with him but he ignored them.

One of those on the scene kept saying that the driver should have parked like he was told.

watch the video below;

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-- DAMIMA (m) at 29-01-2020 08:41AM
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Never argue with a Black Man in Black Uniform holding a Black gun under a scorching sun.... He can shoot at will. They are animals