Why Having a Residential Backup Generator Could Benefit You

Date: 20-02-2020 9:25 pm (1 year ago) | Author: Daniel Bosai
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Have you ever thought about what would happen if you lost electricity for a long period? If not, then think about it. Your appliances, electronic devices, and even light would just vanish. It would affect your life badly. So, prepare yourself for any bad situation before its arrival. You need a backup plan to avoid inconvenience. For this purpose, a backup generator can help you to protect your home and business from extreme temperatures. It would help you in maintaining your quality of life.

Generator: A backup power plan
A residential backup generator is an equipment made to restore power to your business and home when the power goes out. It can power your home for many days and you feel comfortable. It is available in different sizes, including small, portable and whole-house systems. House-hold systems require natural gas or propane while portable units need gasoline for proper functioning.

Size of Backup Generator
There is a wide range of generator sizes in the market but, you have to choose the one which suits you. These generators require natural gas or propane as fuel. The size of your generator depends upon the size of your house or business place. Your electrical power requirements are also helpful in determining your generator size.
  • Choose your right-sized generator based on given parameters:
  • It should be efficient in energy delivery to the devices.
  • Its operation should be quiet and don’t create noise.
  • It should be automatic in its operation.
  • Its engine should be liquid-cooled.
  • It must come with a better warranty.

Choose the Perfect Backup Plan
The choice of right generator depends on your need and demand. When you have to supply power to big tools in industry and food trucks, you need to find a large generator that can give an adequate amount of energy. It should be capable of powering a large number of appliances at the same time. You should also consider the dual fuel capable generators, as they are very suitable too. Now you might wonder why it is better to use hybrid generators, right? That’s simply because Duromax has a dual fuel model which can use both fuel and gasoline to run an 18 horsepower engine. This way you can make use of your hybrid generator easily with gasoline, even when you’re out of the fuel.

Types of Generators

Whole house/ Backup/ Standby Generators
The standby generators are automatic in their operation and power your home when the electricity goes out, keeping your home appliances running smoothly. It needs 20-30 seconds to start its operation. These generators are fixed in their positions and permanent. They are expensive and bigger in size. As a fuel, they need natural gas or propane connection to provide you with power as long as you want. They can power your electrical appliances, heating, air conditioning, security systems, and refrigerators. You can also customize your choice to power only certain appliances. Most of the homeowners choose this backup plan to supply power to their entire home. They can protect your home and food items.

Portable Backup Generator
As their name shows, they are portable and they have enough power to supply energy to your fans, television, radios and small appliances. These are cheap and easily affordable. However, they need additional safety measures and they are not very efficient. It is critical during severe power loss.
Most of the portable generators can easily be attached to your home power supply system and you don’t need any extension cords to engage them.

Shield Your Home
These generators not only provide you with security but also protect your devices from further loss. They aid you in saving your money in several ways and give you relief. The generators maintain your security systems and keep thieves away. They also lessen the repairs of your devices due to over-electricity flow. They help to protect your food by providing power to your refrigerator so don’t think about spoiled food. During cold months, a backup generator protects pipes from freezing.

Benefits of Residential Backup Generator

These generators keep your mind calm by ensuring you protect your loved ones and special things even in emergencies.

  • Don’t stop working even when the power goes out.
  • During emergencies, they give you comfort at home and even in your office.
  • Allow you to maintain your daily routine by using air conditioning, heating, internet, and TV.
  • Fuel operation is automatic and fast. They also help to run devices over weeks of power failure.
  • Provide you with fresh fruit and food by running your refrigerator.
  • You can choose their different sizes depending on your demand.
  • When a power failure occurs, they automatically cut your gadget’s connection from the main line. When the power is back, wait for a while for voltage stabilization and then reconnect your appliances.
  • Installation is permanent.

People purchase power generators when powerful storms knock out the light. It can lead to a rapid decision and a generator that is not suitable in size for your home. Thus, think before any storm strikes and buy the right generator.

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