"My Baby Daddy Is Begging Me With Marriage But I Refuse" - Nollywood Actress, Lizzy Gold

Date: 17-05-2020 8:42 am (3 years ago) | Author: Daniel Bosai
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For actress, producer and former Miss Delta State, Lizzy Gold Onuwaje, marriage is not presently on her wish list.

In this chat, the single mother of two reveals why she’s not ready to tie the knot with any man, not even her baby’s daddy. She also talks about her challenges and other issues bordering on her career. Enjoy it.

How are you coping with the COVID-19 lockdown as a new mother?
I’m coping just fine. I stay indoors and try as much as possible to avoid going out so I don’t catch the virus. But most importantly, if I must go out, I have to always used my facemask and have my sanitizer in my car.

What are your major challenges?
Staying at home because of the pandemic has not been easy. Staying with kids is not easy at all; my five-year-old son is like five kids in one. Staying with him is not easy. Normally, I’m always filming on different locations, so most of the time he’s with my nanny. But my son is a hand full. It’s not easy staying with him; he’s always making me shout. At a point, I had to increase my nanny’s salary because she’s trying so much. I just pray this pandemic ends soon, so I can resume work and have some space.

What’s the best lesson motherhood has taught you?
Motherhood has taught me to be very tolerant and patient. I am now calmer, extremely caring and cautious of my surrounding. You know, when you have kids you’re looking after, you have to always watch out for them and make sure they are safe.

You once mentioned that you keep few friends, is this based on personal experience?
I’m not used to having too many friends because I’m a very transpiration person. If you stay with me, you would know everything about me. I am that transparent. I try as much as possible to guard my space because if I let too many people come into my life, they would get to know so much about me and these days you can’t trust anyone. So, you have to be very careful about your secrets. It’s not like I have any horrible secret, but I just like things about me to remain with few people. Also, I make extreme decisions, but before I make such decisions, I would have to tell maybe one or two friends that are close to me. But if I have too many friends and I tell them, they would just blow it up. Like when I was pregnant, nobody knew about it, it was just two of my friends that knew. But if I had so many friends, the whole world would have known.

Have you ever been backstabbed by friends?
I think a friend has backstabbed me before. But that was some years ago, maybe that could probably be part of the reasons that made me become very choosy when it comes to friends. Secondly, I have very high taste of friendship. I can’t just have friends because you’re beautiful. I like to make intelligent people my friends, whether boys or girls. I don’t like dumb-asses. I like to be able to learn something from you while you learn from me. That’s why I have few friends.

Is Lizzy Gold married?
No, I am not married. It’s not because I don’t want to get married or that I don’t like marriage, but for now, I don’t feel like getting married. I feel that I am not mentally ready for it. A lot of people rush into marriage and rush out. I want to go into marriage and be able to stay, but right now I don’t think I am mentally ready for that.

Secondly, I love my space a lot. I still want to enjoy my space alone. Maybe when I’m in my late 30s or early 40s, I can think of getting married. For now, marriage is not on my mind. Thirdly, my two kids are for one man, and we are co-parenting. He is taking care of his lovely kids very well. He really wants to get married to me but I am the one delaying, because like I said, I am not mentally ready. He is the best man that can happen to any woman; trust me.

What’s your turn off in relationship?
I don’t like men with bad breath. I don’t like men that bully women; that beat women. I don’t like lazy men. I like hardworking men. You should be able to bring something to the table financially. I don’t like broke, lazy men. I don’t like dirty men. I like men that respect women. I don’t like it when you can’t control your anger. Men that talk too much are a no-no for me. I like them calm. I don’t like men that nag.

Okay, what’s your turn on?
I love men with fresh breath, that’s a huge turn on for me. I like men that control their temperament. I like them playful because I play a lot. I like very hardworking men. I like dark men; I’m not a fan of fair guys. Broad chest and height don’t matter as long as you are dark, huge and cute. I like men that are perfumery scented. I like men that use fragrances because I use perfumes a lot too. I also love God-fearing men.

What’s your best achievement as an actress?
I have been consistent. Even when I went home for like 10 months, I made sure I did lots of movies ahead. So, my absence wasn’t really felt that much, because my movies were aired on YouTube and television stations. Also, as an actress, I now produce movies. My profession now pays bills. I would love to go international. I just pray the Coronavirus pandemic ends so that I can work towards it. I am thinking of going to New York Film Academy so that I can be very experienced when it comes to my career. I want to get to the peak of my career.

Have you had any embarrassing encounter with fans, especially males on or offline?
I have never been embarrassed offline or online. For online, especially social media, it is just normal insult people give maybe when they watch a movie and they don’t like the role you played. For me, it’s normal. I’m used to it. I really don’t call that embarrassment.

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Continue deceiving yourself.
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U can't marry him but U have a kid for him. Nothing one won't hear.
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Why would she accept to marry him if the urge is there to phyuk different money bags? Perhaps, on the other hand, the man behaviour is nothing to write home about.
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