Charterhouse, Newly Established School Where Student Pay N2m For Application Fee, N42m Per Sess

Date: 18-04-2024 10:04 am (1 month ago) | Author: onuigbo felicia
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There was outrage on Wednesday over the N42m per annum fees charged by Charterhouse, a newly established school in Lekki, Lagos.

Charterhouse, a British independent educational institution, will open its first African school in Ogombo, Lekki, Lagos, in September.

According to its website, the Charterhouse Family of Schools is a name that has been at the forefront of British education for more than 400 years.

Recently, the school, which will be starting with its first set of students (year one to year six) in September 2024, got 70 hectares of land in the Lekki to build the first African version of Charterhouse UK in Nigeria.

The school, on its website, explained, “Our pioneering campus has been designed to support a learning experience at the highest international standard.

“At Charterhouse Lagos, we are rethinking education for the 21st Century. We are driven by enlightened ideas and evidence-based methods of effective learning. We believe in empowering skilled teachers to create a dynamic, respectful and tolerant environment where children are inspired to achieve.”

But in a viral post by one Sisi_Yemmie on X, she analysed that the admission fee was N2m while the fee was N42m but to be discounted to N31.5m for founding pupils.

However, a media consultant to Charterhouse, who spoke on condition of anonymity because he was not allowed to speak on behalf of the school confirmed that the fee was indeed N42m per annum, saying the fee had been institutionalised over 400 years.

He maintained that the establishment of Charterhouse in Lagos would boost educational tourism as parents in other African countries would bring their children to Charterhouse Lagos instead of travelling long distances to the UK.

“Charterhouse UK charges similar money and this is an affiliate in Lagos the first Charterhouse in Africa, located in Lagos and they are building the same structure in the UK. So, they have to charge the same thing they charged in the UK. There is also a demography that goes to that school, more Nigerians are going there so they felt why not bring it to Nigeria for other African elites so that people can send their children from South Africa, Ghana, and others. They don’t need to travel a long journey to the UK for eight hours. They replicated what they charge over there and it is even cheaper in Nigeria. They are even charging in naira. That is going to have a huge effect on forex.

“The fee has been institutionalised for over 400 years and has produced five prime ministers, and top politicians in the UK. The Father of George Washington went to Charterhouse and that is the kind of legacy they are bringing to Nigeria.

“For them not taking it to Abuja shows that it is not targeted at politicians. Most of the children I know who went there are not politicians’ children.”

He emphasised that the school already had more than half of its staff as Nigerians.

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lies!!!  Roll Eyes Roll Eyes Roll Eyes
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A fertile ground for everyone to take advantage of. While leaders siphon stolen funds abroad, these people have see how Nigerians can pay up to 25000 for useless MBA classes in their country and help fund their schools. Why not bring the business to their shores afterall the chinese are taking their own and the kidnappers too. We have the dough!
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My people beware of the these scammers.  A word they say is enough for the wise.
Firstly,  what is the average salary in the UK in comparison to Nigeria? This sort of overpriced glorified schools would add no value to your children's future. Any sort of education with the technical know-how to face the challenges of today's tech proned World is all a waste of funds and time.
British people as a whole, especially these elites are all crooks. Please,  run for the hills.
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