Police Man Rapes And Impregnates 12 Years Old Girl!!

Published 8 years ago by: Daniel Bosai
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at 25-05-2011 01:41AM (8 years ago)

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Human rights advocates were on Monday thrown into confusion in Ado-Ekiti when a 70-year-old mother, Mrs. Juliana Olajiga walked into their chambers, The Community Law Centre, with a 12-year-old minor with protruding belly, shedding tears.
At first, the septuagenarian lost her voice, wondering where to start explaining her plight.

The leader of the human-rights group, Rita Ilevbare, wrote a petition to the state Police Commissioner, Mr. Olayinka Balogun, that a cop in his command, allegedly raped and eventually impregnated a 12-year-old orphan, Bimbo.
In her account, Mrs. Olajiga, who is a foster mother to the victim said she was assaulted by the randy cop when she confronted him last week with the illicit affair he had with her foster child.

According to Mrs. Olajiga, sometime in November last year, she fell sick, which made her children relocate her to a place where she could be taken care of, a situation which made Bimbo and her sibling to stay back at home.
The unfortunate incident was said to have happened one night when the young JSS1 student of Anglican Grammar School in Ado Ekiti was lured into a nearby bush in Textile area of Ado-Ekiti by the cop who forcefully had canal knowledge of the girl. This, he was said to have done twice.

The human-rights group, however, called for immediate arrest of the cop, in the petition entitled: “Sexual abuse of Miss Bimbo and assault of Mrs. Juliana Olajiga by Police officer, a demand for police arrest, investigation and prosecution.”
Confirming the reception of the petition, the Police Commissioner told newsmen that the suspect had been arrested and a senior officer had commenced investigation into the crime.
Decrying the assault of the septuagenarian by the suspect at her Similoluwa residence, the human-rights group stated that the cop should be prosecuted to serve as deterrent to other loose men in the society.

The suspect was said to have been in the hideout for three months when he realized that he was being searched for by Mrs. Olajiga over his unlawful actions.
Sources revealed that when the girl entered the chambers, it was clear the victim could not comprehend the implication of her plight as she was just playing with her gown which barely covered her six-month-old pregnancy.
Revealing the situation of the motherless pregnant girl, the petition stated: “Sir, it would interest you to note that this child, Bimbo is about six months pregnant, a minor, an orphan, who is twelve years old.
“The education and the future of such a great child has been dimmed by a man, a security agent for that matter, who by any reason would not allow the future of his children to be tampered with.


We demand that justice be done in this matter by arresting and prosecuting Olalekan if indeed he is culpable.”
The Police Commissioner, however, assured that justice would be done but called for patience to allow investigators conclude their work.



jennypriceson at 25-05-2011 01:46AM (8 years ago)
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What a dastardly act by an agent of the law!
tarakhanali at 25-05-2011 02:04AM (8 years ago)
(358 | Upcoming) (f)

If a police man can do this, what law can he uphold?
kenolis at 25-05-2011 02:12AM (8 years ago)
(10818 | Hero) (m)

somebody will be arrest just now....so am out
misanben at 25-05-2011 02:35AM (8 years ago)
(19 | Newbie) (m)

that policeman should be throne into prison for a long time.
Simon-Zeletus at 25-05-2011 04:50AM (8 years ago)
(1072 | Gistmaniac) (m)

The man is ashamed to all Nigeria Police Officer and he we remanded jail for 10years 
rolifaith at 25-05-2011 05:49AM (8 years ago)
(669 | Upcoming) (f)

wat a stupid act, poor girl
KINGJHOE at 25-05-2011 05:59AM (8 years ago)
(3070 | Gistmaniac) (m)

"I'll be back"................................to get the rest of my things.
Lekan22 at 25-05-2011 07:09AM (8 years ago)
(6350 | Gistmaniac) (m)

Who is friend of people now? Police my foot!
ugochuks at 25-05-2011 08:29AM (8 years ago)
(848 | Upcoming) (m)

some yeye idiot go come out from some yeye corner say dem wan be police...some yeye ppl go just accept and give dem some yeye AK47....with that AK47 dey see dem selves as yeye officers with max power/ OC/// dem start to dey do yeye things...all dey know now is just TERROR!!!  police wey no know wetin police means!! all this fool should belong to the ANIMAL CONTROL UNIT...today one yeye police go shoot and kill one innocent civilian, tomorrow another yeye police go rape 7yrs old innocent child...if u confront dem then u re taking a great risk.. dem go say one BLOODY CIVILIAN dey insult officer on duty!!  morons!!! i hope he rot in jail if dem go even sentence am!!

waco at 25-05-2011 08:41AM (8 years ago)
(9995 | Hero) (m)

na wa o

skyleo at 25-05-2011 08:48AM (8 years ago)
(361 | Upcoming) (m)

What is the real duties of the Nigeria Police Force? Because, it looks as if they are the approved criminals by the federal government of Nigeria, you will see a police officer all levels of crime in this country. Just name it.
xena15 at 25-05-2011 08:52AM (8 years ago)
(6183 | Gistmaniac) (f)

Dat guy doesn't deserve a d.ick!

sobeit at 25-05-2011 09:21AM (8 years ago)
(7498 | Gistmaniac) (m)

shameful behavior from someone that has been giving the authority to uphold the law..
Mattbel01 at 25-05-2011 09:30AM (8 years ago)
(11 | Newbie) (m)

Not all policemen are really friends, though some with that black cloth on their body makes them more devil, but he is the father of the child which i believe the child will need him one day to come. so Mr judge. judge well. i rest my case.
mimibre at 25-05-2011 09:33AM (8 years ago)
(1085 | Gistmaniac) (f)

Eh! Poor gurl,  they should kil dat stupid, idiotic, heartless, fillinless, amimals, moron, mumu, mugu, ass, devish n hopeless idiot dat called himself freakin policeman! U people wil see now they wil not do anythin about d matter! they wil let him go scout free, stupid police force. I wish na american police be dis.
bafyguy at 25-05-2011 09:59AM (8 years ago)
(1021 | Gistmaniac) (m)

The Police man should be castrated
Ricardoprinz at 25-05-2011 10:08AM (8 years ago)
(233 | Upcoming) (m)

Ndi ara Angry
Aduf at 25-05-2011 10:19AM (8 years ago)
(94 | Newbie) (f)

WHOA? What a pitty, why innocent girl. This Officer is a disgrace to our country, This is my judgement you are hereby sentence 100 years in prisonment with hard labour. I arise.
kasaliabiola at 25-05-2011 10:31AM (8 years ago)
(29 | Newbie) (m)

the police man is a crazy man
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