Important Wedding Question Skipped @ Mercy Johnson's Wedding

8 years ago by: Daniel Bosai
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(m) at 30-08-2011 12:06AM (8 years ago)

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Guys pls dont crucify me before you read this, to me This is very strange. I havn't seen a wedding where the official in charge of the wedding (especially a Pastor) will skip the VERY Important question, (objection to the wedding) this question is always supposed to be asked even in a law court. "IS THERE ANYONE WHO OBJECTS TO THIS WEDDING?"
For me I believe this question is very important because this is the main part of the wedding ceremony, and this is done to make sure that neither party wasn't already married and to make sure that both parties are in consent to the marriage and It used to be part of the ceremony for legal reasons as this will help the officiating minister stay out of legal trouble having declared that neither party was already married.

Well for me it goes to show that the church knows something was not right and they just squeezed all the scenes together because the pastor was smart, Pastor Tom Obiazi of Christ Embassy smartly skipped all the wahala Question/scenes and he went ahead to officiate and bless the union.

Well against all odds, Mercy Johnson is a married woman, once married your status can no longer be single, the next option is either seperated or divorce (Thats not my prayer for them) I wish them a successful marrieage.



Everything still looked like a Nollywood movie, because the wedding was even title

‘The Triumph of Love’ and it was held amidst tight security and anxiety by all that attended.

Dont watch out for part 2, because there wont be any, atleast for now.


I rest My case

sophiebaby (f) at 30-08-2011 12:17AM
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Wetin consum una go talk good then talk bad too. Leave her alone.. Mtchrrw¤¿»

toibeli (m) at 30-08-2011 01:16AM
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Very intelligent pastor, I'll look him up, and give him a warm handshake.
Baifrason (m) at 30-08-2011 02:32AM
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in church's now pastors are tittle holders,
they don't want to lose their big tite payers,
God help us.
purityjustice (m) at 30-08-2011 02:49AM
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MilleniumMan (m) at 30-08-2011 03:28AM
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No be my concern.
Renewed (m) at 30-08-2011 04:00AM
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Abeg, nayoutalkam, how you take know? U attend the wedding??? Just asking...

sylax (m) at 30-08-2011 04:05AM
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Quote from: sophiebaby on 30-08-2011 12:17AM
Wetin consum una go talk good then talk bad too. Leave her alone.. Mtchrrw¤¿»

I disagree if you're not married will you want your marriage to go without full proof that you are with Mr Right, and if you are married wasn't it asked during your wedding?
The only reason why the pastor didn't ask is because he knew of the controversy surrounding the wedding, however, you can only cheat man not God. Remember the words "LITTLE THINGS THAT MATTER" or "CLEAR CONSCIENCE FEARS NO ACCUSATION"
malvin2525 (m) at 30-08-2011 04:14AM
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 Undecided Undecided Undecided Undecided
Kasly (f) at 30-08-2011 04:31AM
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All seems misery to me. I saw the man's family pix. They posed fine as one family. Are you sure the man is his normal self. Lets wait, and see. If its not natural, it wont last. If it is, i wish them a lasting marriage. Good Luck!
fjoeaug (f) at 30-08-2011 06:43AM
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Quote from: sophiebaby on 30-08-2011 12:17AM
Wetin consum una go talk good then talk bad too. Leave her alone.. Mtchrrw¤¿»
nwanne,i follow u talk that one jare Tongue Cool Cool
Sectorf (m) at 30-08-2011 06:52AM
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Person wey marry don marry.....shikina!!
proly (f) at 30-08-2011 07:42AM
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make una free mercy joooooooooooooooooo
k-bobos (m) at 30-08-2011 07:51AM
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Wetin don hppn don hppn. Na God 9 go trash dat pastor matter 4 dat way.
LEONE (m) at 30-08-2011 08:49AM
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Congrats again the nwe couple.
MilleniumMan (m) at 30-08-2011 08:56AM
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No be my concern.
chukwumeri (m) at 30-08-2011 09:45AM
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na wao so if u bi star ppl go de talk about u, dem no let dis girl drink wota drop cup,smal tym dem go say e no wear pant 4 her weddin.
mediaexcell (m) at 30-08-2011 09:53AM
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Nobi every question u go ask for that kind wedding naa.. Or u wan turn church to battle field.
mixbrown (f) at 30-08-2011 10:08AM
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Wise pastor Cool
Teganto (m) at 30-08-2011 10:09AM
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GOD knws d Best.
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