Reasons why women dumps men

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Breakups are heartbreaking for both men and women; still men and women dump partners at times. There can be reasons or no reasons at all. Whatever it is, very fewer relationships are found to be ever sustaining and ever progressing. Women, many times, drop the relationships with obvious reasons. They are sensitive to the maximum and at the same time bold to the extreme. As they do not forget trivial mistakes, never-forgivable actions can be ignored by them. The unpredictability of women makes it harder to analyze the most common reasons for them dumping the men. Each woman approaches the relationships in a very much subjective way, thus what makes a serious enough reason for a woman to dump her man may seem ignorable by another.

Trust related reasons
1. Secondary affairs or multiple affairs of men constitute a reasonable cause for many women dumping their men. Cheating or breaking trust is unforgivable for many of them and when found that the man is dating with someone else too, they may avoid the man.
2. Another trust related reason is telling lies to them or pretending to be good. Many men try to continue I relationship by telling lies one after another to maintain trust between the two and also to cover up his relationships with other people or mistakes.
3. When men do not adhere to the promises or commitments, it is also considered as an act of distrust. Women do not generally tolerate a person who cannot be trusted.

Too much controlling
1. When woman feels that the man is too much controlling or a control freak, they may possibly get away from the relationship. Some men are very much authoritarian and demand submissiveness from women. Such character is always hated as today; even women prefer self dignity and self sufficiency.
2. Certain people do not let the woman to keep control of the money she earned. Financial understanding and sharing is good, but if the man asks her to hand over the earnings to him and get from him as and when needed, is a possible reason for women dumping men.
3. Dominating over her personal life and sexuality is another reason for avoiding men by many women. Relationship for women is not slavery or being conquered by men by all means. When she feels that she is being used by the man for self satisfaction, she may dump him off. Ever wondered why a caged Dog turns out to be more hostile than that which is allowed to roam freely around the house?

1. Irresponsible men are more likely to be dumped by women. Many men in relationships just leave all the responsibilities to the woman and roam around without caring of the household responsibilities or financial requirements. Such men are always dumped of by women.
2. Responsibility just doesn't mean providing all the material supplies to home and supporting the partner financially. Being responsible on the health, emotions etc... are essential. When women feel they are not concerned or taken care of properly, they may get away from the relationship seeking a better partner.

Many women leave men when greater levels of independency are found in men. When they do not adhere to the promises and commitments it is considered independency. Women expect the partner to be worth depending in all the needs of life. When the partner feels that she cannot depend on the man for essential support when she needs it at various instances of life, she may dump the man and get into other relationships.

Unwanted rules and regulations
Many men establish unwanted set of rules and unnecessary regulations at home. This will make the women feeling as if in a prison, instead of in a relationship. When the freedom for expression and movement is questioned or regulated by the man, she may get frustrated with the relationship and think about leaving the person and get into another life. Any rules implemented at home must be taken by common preferences and also only after mutual discussion.

For the Men:
The next time you get dumped by your lady please do not take it personal, just see it as an opportunity to going back to the drawing board to re-evaluate your attitude towards women in general more especially the one you are in or intend to be in a lasting relationship with. When things don't go right, it means there's a need for amendments. One true fact is, a REAL woman do not find it amusing dumping her most probably hurts her twice as much as it hurts the man when she does the dumping...bottom line is, if you leave her with no choice, she will dump you after chains of warning doubt.

For the Ladies:
Ladies generally are pretty much the same in terms of 'needs'...they love COMFORT, cherish FREEDOM and above all, demands RESPECT. However, some value material needs over emotional needs, some value emotional needs over material needs while a few others wants a fair balance between both. So, the next time you dump a/your man for not living up to your material/emotional needs, do him a favor, let him know exactly why you are dumping his a$$ so he knows which part of his game needs stepping up.

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Almost all the things  listed above are not peculiar to one gender, so I tend not to agree with the poster.
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Quote from: Adikpe on 26-08-2012 12:29PM
Almost all the things  listed above are not peculiar to one gender, so I tend not to agree with the poster.

could u be more explicit in ur claim? d post is about y men gets dumped n not d other way round

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