Should I Give My Tithe To The Needy Or Pay It To The Church? (Page 4)

7 years ago by: Daniel Bosai
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-- dlimelite (f) at 5-06-2013 03:19AM
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Both. But if you live in Nigeria give it to the poor. Better than your money ending up in a pastor's account
-- kingman26271 (m) at 31-07-2015 04:34PM
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but the church is not a store house, rather in the kingdom of God where its been received is the store house. so who u pay it to is not a problem even the needy is a means to reach God as to commit urself to Gods kingdom. when Jesus came to earth where did he spend most of his time? he spent most of his time blessing the needy and those in need of miracle. Church is not the only answer to prayers a furthfilling God commandment over tithing.
-- PoliticxGuru (m) at 24-08-2015 05:33PM
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Follow ur heart
-- shinenoyi (m) at 18-11-2015 11:08AM
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the tithe in the house of the lord is for the levite and strangers and the poor so give to the poor is better than giving to a pastor who will not give to the poor instead he became rich and post in his preaching so give to the poor is better.
-- zezprincess (f) at 28-11-2015 12:34AM
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@nosa01 ,ur on point,infact ur d best,u've just spoken d plain truth.
-- Fran6ixfox (m) at 5-03-2016 07:01PM
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to the church..
-- charisVEC (m) at 8-03-2016 06:49AM
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Pray 2God...and he will direct uuuu
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