Man Burns 12-Year Old Girl With Pressing Iron

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(m) at 18-06-2013 08:22PM (6 years ago)

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A member of staff of the Nigeria Immigration Service, Kwara State Command, northcentral Nigeria, Mr. Yemi Afolayan, has been arrested by the police for allegedly inflicting severe injuries on a 12-year old girl, Favour Emmanuel, with a hot pressing iron after tying her up and beating her to the point of comma.

It was gathered that the girl, a native of Anambra state, whose mother is in Lagos State, was staying with the Immigration officer’s family in Ilorin.

“My master, Mr. Afolayan, had asked me to prepare rice but as it was taking too long for the food to be ready he first beat me mercilessly and later tied me up and used an electric pressing iron to inflict all the injuries on my body,” the victim narrated.

A source in the neighbourhood along Basin Road in Ilorin, the Kwara State capital, who pleaded anonymity, disclosed that the manner in which the girl was treated was dehumanising and inhuman, adding there was little they could do since they were not a party to her being brought into the house, hence they could not challenge the couple.

The matter was reported to the Ministry of Women Affairs after a neighbour noticed the maltreatment the girl receives.

The Commissioner for Women Affairs and Social Development in the state, Mrs. Comfort Afolayan, who reacted to the matter, condemened such act and said the ministry made a report at the anti-child trafficking department of “A” Division Police Station after which Afolayan was arrested.

“The victim has been arrested, while the child is in our custody at the Motherless Babies’ Home, Gaa Akanbi, Ilorin, where she is being taken care of before we take her back to her family.

“As a mother, not even as the Commissioner for Women affairs And Social Welfare, the act is very horrible. As a mother, who has gone through the process of child bearing, you cannot see that situation and keep quiet.  Such a treatment is not acceptable.

“The Ministry will not relent in its efforts to protect the rights of children. We have been embarking on rigorous  enlightenment programmes on child abuse and child labour, even after all these efforts, people are still involved in such practices,” she said.

The Police Public Relations Officer in the state, DSP Fabode Olufemi, confirmed the incident, saying a warrant of arrest has been issued to effect the arrest of the suspect, assuring that the police would do everything possible to bring the culprit to justice.

winace (f) at 18-06-2013 08:42PM
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Evil man. I hope he stay long in jail.
cherishp (f) at 18-06-2013 08:44PM
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 Tongue Tongue Tongue Tongue Tongue Tongue
ezchusa (m) at 18-06-2013 09:09PM
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poor girl, heartless man

schmit (f) at 18-06-2013 09:11PM
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dareper (m) at 18-06-2013 09:55PM
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Poor people are suffering in the hands of the rich. God, is that suppose to be?
sesco1010 (m) at 18-06-2013 10:10PM
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dt s gud 4 d man
Ifemylove (f) at 18-06-2013 10:27PM
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Heartless man
steveoneal (m) at 18-06-2013 10:40PM
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callous , evil , devilish, barbaric, inhuman, , in this 21 century people are still enslaving each other??? the girl said master, colonial or precolonial master, for where?Huh? the man is a disgrace to humanity,,he is a beast , and needs to be jailed,,, i mean throw into the gaol for yearrrrrrrrrsss, this one can definitely kill,,,,,, shame on him and his wife,
Austinjack (m) at 18-06-2013 10:51PM
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Lack of Human Right,hear in Europe u dont have any Right to Harm ur own Child,talk  about some1 Child prison is yours fool
ebiteck (m) at 18-06-2013 11:00PM
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tired of seeing this kind of things, its really heart breaking
dickman2 (m) at 18-06-2013 11:08PM
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 Huh? Huh? Huh?
Shegzan (m) at 18-06-2013 11:12PM
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Divine5678 (m) at 18-06-2013 11:27PM
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Let this monkey die in jail even.wicked dog,God will judge u.we are talking about poverty,should one Commit suicide cos he or she is poor.God pls help ur children.
BlueIxora (f) at 18-06-2013 11:51PM
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Taking her back to her family is not gonna solve this poor girl's problem. If you really want to help her send her to school and pay the fees. If things were easy for the family they wouldn't have sent her away in the first place. That evil master is heartless. He deserves to rot in jail. 
Jennybaby (f) at 19-06-2013 12:09AM
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Too Bad
torrejon_men (m) at 19-06-2013 12:32AM
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etibaba (m) at 19-06-2013 12:45AM
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This is absurd.

REALHOMMIE (m) at 19-06-2013 01:40AM
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Dis is totally n completely unacceptable, d act is barbaric n shld b condemned wiv everythng dat stands for human right... God hv mercy
ksurrina (f) at 19-06-2013 02:34AM
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A twelve year old child should be attending school not being a MAID. These are the EVILS that persons should be condemning and the Legislation should be passing to make sure these things doesn't happen and not those HOMOSEXUAL LAWS where not even God is accepting them. This is the INJUSTICE that the Lord our God speaks about and must be cut out of the land. Imagine a 12yr old being a MAID and some of you Nigerians see nothing wrong with this. You will spend your time castigating HOMOSEXUALS who are living their life in Hell just waiting for the Second Death while letting the world to see the TRUTH OF GOD instead of castigating and making sure that our CHILDREN are protected. May JUSTICE be granted to this child and other parents learn to live in Faith in God understanding that doubting NOT and trusting God they can spend time looking after their children the same way they went PRAYING FOR THEM through GOD. Hugs

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