23 Years Old Lagos Boy Marries His 85 Years Old German Lover

6 years ago by: Daniel Bosai
(m) at 7-07-2013 02:49PM (6 years ago)

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Oh please tell me I'm wrong...how can a 23 Year old boy marry a mama old enough to  be his grandma?

fallah (m) at 7-07-2013 02:53PM
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This is real marriage wahala
winace (f) at 7-07-2013 03:08PM
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Is it poverty or madness. Dis guy shld be arrested for trying to kill dis old grandma.
firmlord2011 (m) at 7-07-2013 03:22PM
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Early stage of Madness
adorableme (m) at 7-07-2013 04:13PM
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very good investment, since they legally married all she have work for we belong to the guys in no time
mallorca (m) at 7-07-2013 05:14PM
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Mappy married life

destinedme (m) at 7-07-2013 05:17PM
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D boy เѕ  a gold digger and an opportunist. He's now a german citizen. Mumu lagos idiot.
janexes (f) at 7-07-2013 05:27PM
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Lots is blind
patoma (m) at 7-07-2013 06:31PM
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He looking 4 heavenly paper bcs the woman is going to give him garman paper to use it 4 heaven visa... direct to heaven bcs garmeny is heaven while naija is hailfire Grin Grin Grin Grin
ejiobi (m) at 30-07-2013 11:52AM
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Before u being come rich, you hve to pass a lot of things. so if u don,t no how well,u shotop yr mouth.
mallorca (m) at 30-07-2013 12:17PM
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Na him choice

sunshineify (m) at 20-09-2013 03:13PM
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dis is early marriage and late marriage, plz lets watch out and c how it goes, if is good we may try it pals, wot a beautiful nonsence
Ritabrenice (f) at 22-08-2015 12:10AM
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Vectorcy (m) at 29-06-2016 09:33PM
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The guy wan even take style resemble holymallam. And again, don't deceive yourselves, this is not love. Na money the boy dey look for.