Lagos permanently seals computer village

Published On: June 19, 2009, 3:43 pm
King Samuel O Dguy
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-- (m) at 19-06-2009 03:43PM

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Lagos state government again on Tuesday sealed up the popular computer village and the spare parts shops at first gate in Ikeja local government area of the state for flouting environmental law and Certificate of Occupancy (C of O) provisions.

Daily Champion gathered that the officials of the state Ministry of Physical Planning and Urban Development in the company of armed mobile Policemen arrived computer village in the morning, ordering the traders to immediately leave the market.

Our reporter reliably learnt that the armed Policemen freely used horsewhips on the recalcitrant traders especially the youths who attempted to prevent them from carrying out the order allegedly approved by Governor Babatunde Fashola of Lagos.

When they eventually complied, Daily Champion was told that the traders who had already displayed their wares for sale were forced to take refuge at the Awolowo and medical roads and other adjoining streets from where they hawked their goods.

This, however, affected the free-flow of traffic as motorists, commuters and passers-by struggled for roads that were taken over by the displaced traders.

Confirming the incident, the Commissioner for Iinformation and Strategy, Opeyemi Bamidele, who was at the time in Makurdi, Benue State told our reporter on phone that the state government had no alternative than to seal the two markets.

According to him, the traders have been served with ceaseless warnings on their poor attitude to environmental sanitation, saying, "The seal off was as a result of non-compliance with environmental laws and non-compliance with the provision of the Certificate of Occupancy and conditions of allocation." Opeyemi also said:

"Like I said before, we will not compromise for any reason on the need to comply with the environmental protection law.

The market leadership need to link the ministry of physical planning and urban development especially on the matter affecting the change use."


-- peterlifar2008 (m) at 19-06-2009 04:15PM
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u are great but y are dey doing dat  Grin
-- elusakin (m) at 19-06-2009 05:49PM
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kini big deal? dem go open am soon...
-- herdeysohjy (m) at 19-06-2009 06:32PM
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ouch I was still there on monday to get some things
-- erinle70 (m) at 19-06-2009 09:20PM
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Thats politics for naija.Since lagos state is not making money from the rent.They want to close it and relocate d poor traders to thier own site where  they wil be collecting rents.NIGERIA--yeye people.yeye nation.
-- wolelugz (m) at 19-06-2009 09:24PM
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those guys  for c.village are crook na so e supose be for them
-- bali4real (m) at 19-06-2009 10:27PM
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too bad for those traders.
-- herdeysohjy (m) at 20-06-2009 09:54PM
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It only affect the road side hawkers, normal business is still going on @ Computer Village   Smiley
-- Charlestivities (m) at 21-06-2009 02:08PM
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Nawa 4 fas4ola!Anyway tank God say my goods neva enta mrkt.
-- herdeysohjy (m) at 21-06-2009 06:01PM
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-- sabizy (m) at 23-06-2009 05:51PM
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Damn!...Just when I wanted to visit it again..for my next contract purchase!

-- luvnott (m) at 24-06-2009 09:33PM
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that lagos state govt is not for the people, all they are doing any good to masses, they are just fooling us, watch out ..........a govt that can not care for the masses is useless
-- meczytimber (m) at 24-06-2009 10:56PM
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Just dont know what to say abt this. But fashola shd provide an alternative for computer sales what is wrong with computer village self

-- herdeysohjy (m) at 25-06-2009 03:08PM
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Quote from: lincos on 24-06-2009 02:22PM
Are they going to open a New computer CITY or what? since they have closed the computer village
Normal business is going on there and I was still yesterday to buy some stuffs
-- herdeysohjy (m) at 25-06-2009 04:57PM
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Quote from: herdeysohjy on 25-06-2009 03:08PM
Quote from: lincos on 24-06-2009 02:22PM
Are they going to open a New computer CITY or what? since they have closed the computer village
Normal business is now going on there and I was still there yesterday to buy some stuffs
Grin Grin Grin
-- Merlin (m) at 25-06-2009 05:35PM
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Dem get to settle!
-- black_samurai (m) at 25-06-2009 07:15PM
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I think the traders should find themselves a shop and not trade abusively on the street and causing traffic havocs

-- enjoyment (m) at 25-06-2009 09:45PM
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hmmmmm, i comment my reserve

-- Sheenor (m) at 27-06-2009 08:58PM
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-- tobabamitale (m) at 28-06-2009 09:14PM
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I don't understand why Nigeria Govt. always do things like this, at least they suppose to consider so many things before doing things like this. Is not fair at all. Pls. beg Fashola to re-open Computer Village. Plssssssssssssssssssssssssss. Fashola re-open it.
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