Yes I killed a man; But don't judge me till u read my story

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I have never been lucky; rather I have always been a victim of misconception. Destiny played a trick on me and I don’t know how to fight it. Am sorry I can’t tell you my name cos’ am a wanted man and currently on the run and I don’t know if am doing the right thing by writing you as the police might re-launch their search for me after reading this because I am wanted for murder!.

I have never understood the concept of love, so it baffles me what people do all because of love. Stella was my best friend. We were so close that you would think we were lovers.

A few months back, Stella met a guy whose name is Collins and was very much in love with him. Because of him my relationship with my best friend; Stella suffered as she was always with him. I was surprised when she came to my house late one night, tears in her eyes, saying she broke up with Collins.

That was the first time I ever saw her crying and it hurt me. I held her close in my arms and comforted her, telling her not to cry. As I did that, one thing led to another and we began to kiss. I felt she was emotionally down so I tried to stop her but her will and strength was far greater than mine and we eventually made love that night and that marked the beginning of our relationship as I promised not to let any man hurt her again!.

Although I had always wanted to fall in love, I never knew it would be with Stella. The felling was beautiful.

May 30th was her birthday, so I took her clubbing. We were having a nice time until one guy came to our table and held Stella by the hand.
“So this is the guy you dumped me for right?” he said.
“Yes, and he is far better than you cheating scum”. Stella replied.
As I tried to contain my anger as they conversed, I discovered that the guy was Collins; he ex-boyfriend who made her cry into my arms that night.
“Now that’s enough, leave this table” I told him now standing up and ready for action. He gave me a bad boy smile and left immediately.
Kindly see the end of this story here /tCTaqTUSBJ

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If you want us to read the story,you need to post it in full.
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