Zimbabwe Orders Nigerian Traders To Shut Down Their Businesses By January 2014

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«§» 24 November 2013

Zimbabwean authorities say they have given foreign shop-owners – mostly Chinese and Nigerian nationals – an ultimatum to shut down their businesses by 1 January.

A top official of the black empowerment ministry said only Zimbabweans had the right to run shops that have sprung up across the country and are termed foreign businesses targeted under the nation’s black empowerment laws, the state-controlled Herald newspaper reported Friday.

Those laws, passed in 2007, demand foreign businesses to cede 51% control to local blacks.

The foreign shop owners have been criticized for taking retail trade opportunities from Zimbabwean traders by selling cheap imports.

Poor townships and city flea markets have in recent years been inundated by shops run by foreigners.

According to state media, shop owners who fail to comply will be arrested.

~ AP

maximus1 (m) at 24-11-2013 02:42PM
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Dem de jealous ooooh
maximus1 (m) at 24-11-2013 02:43PM
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Na jealousy be dis ?
paulohking (m) at 24-11-2013 06:07PM
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hmmmm Roll Eyes no be dia fault, if Nigeria dey good wetin our ppu go go do for Zimbabwe Roll Eyes
mary11 (m) at 24-11-2013 06:34PM
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Maybe they shud come back and develop 9ja
Same way they re boosting other countries economy with their business

escapedprince (m) at 24-11-2013 06:35PM
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Black empowerment indeed, Are Nigerians not black ??  Roll Eyes Roll Eyes Roll Eyes
ascandiuzzi (m) at 24-11-2013 06:48PM
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Psalmsquare (m) at 24-11-2013 06:57PM
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So Nigerians no be black....Huh?? Na yellow dem be shey.....Huh?Huh?
dickman2 (m) at 24-11-2013 07:02PM
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better..after all nothing  dey happen there..
dickman2 (m) at 24-11-2013 07:03PM
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make them come to balogun market..no wahala..no place like home ...
doublei (m) at 24-11-2013 07:35PM
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ha ha ha even as poor as Nigeria economy is Zimbabwe in 40years cant be like Nigeria of today...
nzewyte (m) at 24-11-2013 07:42PM
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Funny set of people!

interpo777 (m) at 24-11-2013 07:51PM
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see beefing.....just wondering what nigerians had done zimbabwe that their officials alway attack nigerians there
osamabinladin (m) at 24-11-2013 08:15PM
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 Lips Sealed
dareper (m) at 24-11-2013 08:55PM
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It's like nigerians were a bit confuse about our pigmentation, white don't want us, black don't want us. Where do we belong, people?
Noble12 (m) at 24-11-2013 09:05PM
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dywhyte (m) at 24-11-2013 10:37PM
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Say weetin happen

micc (m) at 24-11-2013 10:59PM
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Them try
zoe61 (f) at 24-11-2013 10:59PM
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that thier devil man of president
Shegzan (m) at 25-11-2013 03:32AM
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