gbenge I Caught My Husband Sleeping With My Brother On Our Matrimonial Bed! Read

6 years ago by: asakula sunday
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                                                                  Not the real picture

I am devastated Blessing. I need help from a psychologist please help me. I caught my husband and my younger brother making love in on our matrimonial bed.

I am almost running mad. I need help please. (Names removed) is my only brother the only sibling I have and we are orphans. (Names removed) started living with us last year when he graduated. I am losing my sanity I need help right now.

Hmm, in her second mail, she said she is presently staying with a friend in Ajah. I asked her what happened when she caught them, but she said she screamed and ran out and has not seen them since Saturday. She said there’s a lot to this and her husband is very rich. She said a lot. She also said she now understands why he never allowed a female house help live with them. The second mail is personal and that’s why I won’t be putting it up.

Please if you can help this lady, do contact me asap to have her details, thank you.

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incomplete story

-- cadanre (f) at 27-11-2013 10:46AM
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My dear KEB. Wink

-- ThoRam (m) at 27-11-2013 11:14AM
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Na d second one I wan read!!

-- Jeninflower (f) at 29-11-2013 11:39AM
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Waiting for d part 3
-- proly (f) at 19-02-2015 11:11AM
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God forbid bad thing
-- bukingg (m) at 29-08-2015 05:49AM
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That's an offence of the nature forgive her, let the nature repay her coz she will regrets it later
-- bukingg (m) at 29-08-2015 05:51AM
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-- Anny01 (m) at 29-08-2015 02:15PM
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wickedness of the highest order
-- chealseafc (m) at 29-08-2015 04:14PM
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this is a taboo na.
-- dareper (m) at 3-09-2015 09:32AM
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Gay things
-- princedafe (m) at 28-01-2016 04:58PM
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Another senseless post
-- Trueyarn (m) at 6-02-2016 02:34PM
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Nah nigeria film,if no be Naija film,look for a way to poison the two of them bcos if you no kill them now,they go later bring shame on you with their demonic attitude.
-- historyForum (f) at 6-02-2016 03:47PM
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hmmm. maybe she needs a job
-- kp45 (m) at 6-02-2016 07:12PM
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When I see the other part I will comment for the now the other comment remain private.
-- ujmaria (f) at 6-02-2016 08:58PM
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This is serious abomination
-- Fran6ixfox (m) at 6-03-2016 02:59PM
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Nonsense.. evil
-- emma4love3 (m) at 6-03-2016 10:32PM
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is evil not good to do that we pray help us all from that...