Woman molested, Eyes Plucked Out Cries For Help & See PHOTOS Of The Ritualists

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at 19-03-2014 02:13PM (5 years ago)

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«§» 19 March 2014

There was a recent report on a married mother of four, Zainab Mohammed who was attacked by three suspected Ritualists who took turns to rape her and thereafter plucked her eye out in Bauchi State .

The suspects who have been identified as Sabo Rabo of Durr Katanga Village, Bitrus Yakubu of Dado Village and Mohammed Bamigboye of Durr Katanga Village will be charged to court.

The 32- year-old woman who is crying for help as she said her husband is not capable of footing her medical expenses not while narrated her terrible ordeal.  “After attending a turbaning ceremony in Lukshi, a village in Dass Local Government, I started to head home to meet my family as there was nobody to cook for them. When I reached a particular area close to a bush, I saw three men looking at me as I approached them.

“One of them approached me and said that he wanted to made loveual intercourse with me and that he was willing to pay for it, but I objected because I am a married woman. When they saw that I was not willing to cooperate with them, they pushed me to the ground and dragged me inside the bush and molested me, one after the other.

“After molesting me, one of them brought out a knife, stabbed and plucked out my right eye with it, while the other two  held me tightly to the ground. He also tried to removed the left eye,but he could not. But the eye ended up being damaged. After doing this, they left me in my pool of blood and fled”.

 Meanwhile the victim’s husband, Mohammed Usman who is shocked over what happened and also heartbroken said: “I waited for my wife to return from the ceremony she attended in a nearby village,but she did not show up . When it was getting dark, I began to get worried and wanted to go and look for her.

Suddenly, some of my neighbours ran to my house to inform me that my wife was attacked while returning from the ceremony. What broke my heart was that the attackers did not only rape her, but also blinded her”.

He's also calling on the state government to come to his wife's aid as he's a poor man and cannot shoulder the financial responsibilities of his wife’s medical treatment.

However one of the suspects, 45- year-old man Bitrus Yakubu who said it was the other two men that molested her in his own confession said: “One native doctor, Galambi, told me and my colleagues to get him the eyes of a woman. I don’t know what he intends to do with the eyes, but he promised to give us N1 million after the operation. We could not resist the offer because of poverty and the desire to become rich people like our friends”.

The native doctor, Galambi however denied  sending the suspects to remove the eyes of the woman,but admitted receiving the eyes from them. “The men approached me to prepare some charms for them because they wanted protection; so I told them to get the eyes of a woman, which they agreed to bring.

Another purpose of the charm is to help them to disappear whenever they want to. I don’t know whose eyes they removed or how they got it,my own work is to prepare the charms for them,” he said.

The woman, Zainab Mohammed who is currently in pain in the female surgical ward of the Abubakar Tafawa Balewa Teaching Hospital with her left eye completely damaged may be able to see with her right eye after operating and repairing the globe, this is according to the Head of Ophthalmology Department of ATBU, Dr Mohammed Mahdi Abdull who operated on her.

proly at 19-03-2014 04:07PM (5 years ago)
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omg...everybody wants 2 be rich by all means....endtime is really near
iamDonc at 19-03-2014 04:28PM (5 years ago)
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Stupid men!!! lot in jail
Topsylucas at 19-03-2014 04:37PM (5 years ago)
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I am dumbfounded. Wher is nig goin wif all dez wikednes? D nxt thing an idiot will say d govt dis & dat,is it d govt dat told dez lazy irresponsible bastards 2 pluck smebody's eyes 2 bcme rich instead of searchin 4 a job & wot 2 do like their mates? Ah! Nw dey'll pay dearly 4 it in prison. Let d police lock dem up in a stinky cell & throw away0d keys.
Larry28 at 19-03-2014 04:38PM (5 years ago)
(16483 | Hero) (f)

Riot in jail
Mobbysmartins at 19-03-2014 05:01PM (5 years ago)
(1630 | Gistmaniac) (m)

Islam is a religion of blood.
angesco at 19-03-2014 05:10PM (5 years ago)
(6632 | Gistmaniac) (f)

Dames at 19-03-2014 05:19PM (5 years ago)
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End time...
micc at 19-03-2014 05:38PM (5 years ago)
(9483 | Hero) (m)

They should kill them na heartless people
HOPEA23 at 19-03-2014 05:49PM (5 years ago)
(22359 | Addicted Hero) (f)

 Shocked Shocked Shocked Shocked Shocked sad

papadip at 19-03-2014 05:54PM (5 years ago)
(7128 | Gistmaniac) (m)

Why for god's sake...Huh?
....Even animals would not do that.
steveoneal at 19-03-2014 06:02PM (5 years ago)
(3153 | Gistmaniac) (m)

christianity at 19-03-2014 06:07PM (5 years ago)
(7321 | Gistmaniac) (m)

wicked world
wolexbookie at 19-03-2014 06:55PM (5 years ago)
(210 | Upcoming) (m)

an eye for an eye, pluck der two eyes n free dem. dumb ass
escapedprince at 19-03-2014 07:25PM (5 years ago)
(3046 | Gistmaniac) (m)

Hmmmn, So ritualists abound also in the north too, ?
 Now where are those s.h.i.t eating mongrels who incessantly run their fetid mouths about the Igbos ?
I guess they've all scurried away to their mushroom barnyards. They're not here to comment about the abomination wrought by their people . 
osarobo62 at 19-03-2014 07:44PM (5 years ago)
(11725 | Hero) (m)

...and you wonder why some people don't miss Nigeria....blood curdling stories everywhere.
zeigbo at 19-03-2014 08:03PM (5 years ago)
(26841 | Addicted Hero) (m)

Aboki again

Topsylucas at 19-03-2014 08:44PM (5 years ago)
(1656 | Gistmaniac) (f)

E dey their body!
benbellabiz at 19-03-2014 09:01PM (5 years ago)
(1202 | Gistmaniac) (m)

blood no dey fear these people again. oya, make una dey kill dey go. but no pass north oh.
Adbb at 19-03-2014 09:17PM (5 years ago)
(418 | Upcoming) (m)

what happened to death sentence
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