Take Cover, Mgbeke Is In Town: Chika Ike Stuns In Complete Denim Outfit (Page 2)

Published 5 years ago by: kaygee
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Mobbysmartins at 18-02-2015 11:05PM (5 years ago)
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Quote from: femjay on 18-02-2015 07:42PM
You re nomad for being a tribalistic here ........... You this retarted goan ....with crack brain ......

You shall never know and have peace in ur life for being an object of tribalism tru ur comment ....

Bloody swine .... Na ur family go dey hopeless
you this product of baby factory ....

Femjay....... I am an Igbo man,one of my best and trusted friend is a Yoruba man,he also happened to be one of the finest human beings I have come across in my little life.It is never a tribal thing,it is a personal behavioral thing.What I am saying is there are good people and bad people in every tribe.Those people on this forum that are always trying to stir up tribal sentiments on this forum are simply stupid by my own evaluation,what I do to them is to ignore them,if you continue to react to their stupidity,then you are giving them the relevance they do not have.If you ignore them,they will get tired of their stupidity.Personally I believe my tribe and religion are just accidents of birth.If I was born in Bauchi State,I would have most probably been an Hausa/Fulani and my religion would have been Islam,I am only an Igbo man and a Christian because I was born in Abia State,the same thing applies to everyone of us.Please brother,ignore that fool,anytime you reply a fool,you make the fool to feel relevant when he or she is not.At the end we are all brothers and sisters......we do not hate the fools among us,we must ignore the fools among us because they are a distraction.
loko2k4reel at 19-02-2015 02:07AM (5 years ago)
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Quote from: schmit on 18-02-2015 04:23PM
Advert things u no fit write correct English,lol
abi o. I been think say na only me see the bomb..
elchymo at 19-02-2015 06:26AM (5 years ago)
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Roll Eyes Roll Eyes Roll Eyes
factfinding at 19-02-2015 08:13AM (5 years ago)
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That is her own way,she wear what she feel comfortable with,  everybody have their own way of dressing and living, she must not live her life for you poster for you to be happy.
Abubu86 at 19-02-2015 09:24AM (5 years ago)
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Marketing tins
PoliticxGuru at 9-08-2015 01:53AM (4 years ago)
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na her time make she enjoy oooooo
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