Why!!! See Photo of How a Disabled Man is Being Harassed by Road Safety Officials

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An eyewitness said he was heading home with a friend on Sunday when he spotted a physically challenged man being harassed by Road Safety officials close to Headsbridge in Onitsha. He said they stopped to intervene. He said the disabled man was a Keke Napep driver and when they asked him what he had done, the man said the Road Safety men were asking him questions like where did he get the cartons he was carrying and also asked for his fire extinguisher amongst other questions he felt didn’t make sense after he had already shown them his driver’s license. So they asked for his key which he refused to give to them and they proceeded to assault him.

whoisuche (m) at 26-05-2015 12:26PM
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Is that how u control vehicle.
Larry28 (f) at 26-05-2015 01:07PM
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Too bad
Larry28 (f) at 26-05-2015 01:10PM
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Too bad
PoliticxGuru (m) at 26-05-2015 01:13PM
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fake story
asobcom (m) at 26-05-2015 02:08PM
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Heya, sorry!
echeeche (m) at 26-05-2015 02:23PM
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kelechi86 (f) at 26-05-2015 02:45PM
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jasperjahsy (m) at 26-05-2015 02:50PM
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am aren't seeing them beating this man. pls is someone seeing the opposite?
Abubu86 (m) at 26-05-2015 02:52PM
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That's bad
Garethhills (m) at 26-05-2015 03:11PM
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Lol. Naija force can harass ppl wen it aint even necessary, for their mind nw na bomb dey insyd those boxes..
Wysetots (m) at 26-05-2015 07:59PM
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Story is not verifiable
middleboy (m) at 26-05-2015 09:38PM
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Both so called road safety,Navy and d worst people(police) are all crimminals in Onitsha,Anambra is a lawless state were crimminals are breed
chealseafc (m) at 26-05-2015 09:49PM
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Quote from: jasperjahsy on 26-05-2015 02:50PM
am aren't seeing them beating this man. pls is someone seeing the opposite?

then you must be blind.
so the assault you know about is when someone is been wrestled to the ground?.
EWU, i will one day you will fall victim to these IDIOTS in uniform.
then you will understand.
dareper (m) at 26-05-2015 11:23PM
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benokafor (m) at 27-05-2015 10:29AM
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I tot roadsafety are suppose to be on main roads and highways not untarred streets. Fire Extinguisher for Okada? e for as d reverse gear, wiper, inner light etc. Yeye!
mensch (m) at 27-05-2015 11:15AM
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Quote from: sanki on 27-05-2015 10:53AM
Disable or no disable you must obey the rules and regulations , disability is not a certificate to braking of law .
  bro i disagree with you, provided he is not stealing