I Will Like To Be Sexually Harassed By Ladies - I Go Die

4 years ago by: Victor A. Ofoma
(m) at 28-10-2015 10:38PM (4 years ago)

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Some Nigerian entertainers prefers to make headlines all regularly relating from one controversies to a luxury life style and all sorts but some still believe that aside the stage life, there should be some privacy no matter how small it might be.

Popular comedian, I Go Die, in a recent interview with E247 magazine has disclosed that it sounds funny to him when entertainers say they have been harassed by females before.

He stated that for him, he is yet to experience such as he is still waiting for a lady that will harass him as he is very open to such act.

“I always read it in papers where celebrities say that female fans harass them, but I’m actually looking for the ladies that will come and harass me. I’m not running from them; in fact, I’m available. I’m the right person to harass and embarrass sexually,” he said.

aspeng007 (m) at 28-10-2015 10:45PM
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Lolz,confirm,guy am wit u on dat one,thumbs up.....
morgrawl231 (m) at 28-10-2015 11:27PM
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Warri pikin no dey carry last...
winace (f) at 28-10-2015 11:37PM
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So?? Wat shld we do abt dat? If they don't harass u, maybe u are not appealing to them.
sandra78 (f) at 29-10-2015 06:28AM
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Warry no dey carry last.....try and see
jossy4reall (m) at 29-10-2015 06:39AM
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make dem try dey harass men wey want dia sexual harassment and leave alone those ones wey dey complain...e for make sense

musleh247 (m) at 29-10-2015 07:26AM
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Dem no dey harass u bcos u no fine na
kwamebuyaya (m) at 29-10-2015 07:35AM
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Na becos you wougly (worwor + ugly) that is why dem never come harass you.
Abubu86 (m) at 29-10-2015 07:44AM
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Badt guy   Grin
BusyHorse (m) at 29-10-2015 08:12AM
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If to say u fine, dem for harass u till u go complain.
satsaver (m) at 29-10-2015 08:35AM
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Jokingly joking joker
AmazingMarie (f) at 29-10-2015 09:20AM
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area! when you see harassment now you will run o.
gogoman (m) at 29-10-2015 09:42AM
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make you go south africa where then will drug and rape you...... then you go sober yeye boy
elchymo (m) at 29-10-2015 10:11AM
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With ur long neck like giraffe, how them wan take harass u?
privacy (f) at 29-10-2015 12:02PM
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My guy
stella1981 (f) at 29-10-2015 02:03PM
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Ok no problems
dickieponga (m) at 29-10-2015 06:52PM
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Quote from: winace on 28-10-2015 11:37PM
So?? Wat shld we do abt dat? If they don't harass u, maybe u are not appealing to them.

Even my dog no go harass am, na im go harass my dog and my dog get taste and klass..
U sef look am na...
Trueyarn (m) at 30-10-2015 03:40PM
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Warri pikin no dey lego for tashere matter,tell them say you self nah harass.
sugarwealth (f) at 20-11-2015 11:47AM
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Yeye boy. No ask for wetin you no fit handle oo..
moralemike07 (m) at 8-01-2016 09:15AM
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Your request has been granted.