men insistence on sex b4 marriage(its the women's fault) (Page 3)

Date: 30-01-2010 4:15 am (14 years ago) | Author: tobby oshosanwo
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Quote from: xter on 30-01-2010 04:15 AM
relationships have been broken all bcos of dis big issue......but deep down,when we're alone on our own.....have asked what's the genesis of dis problem......its the ladies..i'm sure guys will be ready to wait on any lady if he's 100% sure the lady is all his

but a situation where ur reserved gfriend is being rumouered to be flirting around.....its.. disheartening.....

i have seen many cases like dat its not just a cooked up or mind thought

men can wait for sex till the wedding night....but the ladies have made such  thing impossible now

right now,its highly important to have sex with ur fiancee while dating so as not to loose all round.....cos waiting till the weding day that may not even materialise can be disastrous and catastrophic
.why do u guys always put blames on the women for ur me a man dat want to abstain from ving premarital sex apart from the real wen i mean,real bornagain christains.and i will show u a bag of lies,deceits and cheats as an evidence.
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My Fear about Waiting till Marriage is not to Get a Lazy A`ss Wood for a Wife, not cos she might be Playing me
in my culture sex before marriage is forbiden
.Abeg which culture be that.really interesting.but wait ohoooo,is it that its forbidden or that its associated with grievous penalty.just like the ones dat happens in some villages in this our naija.
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comot the dirty wey dey ur eye before u comot anoda person own

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If u like no pansh

But for me oo marry or no marry I go pansh u 1st

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When a man loves a woman, patience is his strongest virtue. And making you happy is his daily mission.

But on some real ish....... How can a man possibly wait when everywhere we go we see booty cheeks paraded around in tight jeans or tight short skirts, Bosom  pushed up and busting through the top of every shirt, legs that look like god personally chiseled them himself?Huh? I mean everywhere you go women have their beauty put right in your face and you are supposed to be like a homo and look away. Women don't even bgin to try to cover the things that attract us.

Its like when you are at the club and a woman is backing that ass up on you so bad she is taking the crease out of your pants.... Then when you are outside when its over smiling at her like you are about to get lucky or get a number, she says with an astonished and shocked face "What kind of girl do you think I am???"  I thought you were a wh*re... You were a wh*re over there I assumed you'd be a wh*re over here. Did we cross the no ho line??? --- Katt Williams
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