If Obama Continues To Attack My Policy, I will Add Kenya To The Travel Ban List - Trump

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at 2-02-2017 03:45PM (3 years ago)

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Former President Barack Obama issued a statement reacting to President Donald Trump’s executive order to restrict immigration from high-risk countries in the Middle East, urging Americans to organize against the president.

“President Barack Obama is heartened by the level of engagement taking places in communities around the country,” Obama’s spokesman Kevin Lewis said in a statement to reporters.
Through his spokesman, Obama also opposed discrimination against people because of their faith or religion, although he did not say that Trump’s actions did so. “With regard to comparisons to President Obama’s foreign policy decisions, as we’ve heard before,” Lewis said.  “The president fundamentally disagrees with the notion of discriminating against individuals because of their faith or religion.”

Early on Monday, President Donald Trump was asked to comment on Barack Obama’s statement in an exclusive interview with the Chicago Tribune, and as expected, he wasted no time in ripping into the former president.

“Let me tell you something right away, Barack Obama was a terrible president. He had no less than eight years – that’s two presidential terms – eight years to solve the problem of Americans being outnumbered in their own country and he didn’t, all under the disguise of democracy and equal rights for everyone.  Well, that might have worked before, but it’s not going to work anymore, I’ll tell you that much.  He wants to do things differently? He can run again against me; I’ll beat him like I beat Crooked Hillary.” “And another thing – I’ve just about had enough of all these attacks, everybody’s angry about something.

LGBT people are angry, pro-lifers are angry, pro-abortionists are angry, women are angry, men are angry, black people are angry, Muslims are angry, now even the man who stepped down from the presidency no less than 10 days ago is angry – what is wrong with all of them?”
Trump said.

“I’ll tell you what’s wrong – they’re the people who don’t want to see America great again. They want Muslim terrorists to keep coming into the country and destroying American values, they want us to have bad trade deals with Russia and China and Mexico. They want this country to fail. Well, you know something? That’s not going to happen. Not on my watch.”
“And to show all of them I’m serious about this – and especially Barack Obama, who was darn near on the verge of running this country into the ground if I hadn’t come along – I hereby promise to add Kenya to the executive order and add it to the travel ban list unless he and those like him stop attacking the new policy and new course that America is on.

I am not joking, he knows I’m serious, they all know I’m serious, I am one step away from adding more names and more countries to the list. They need to know I’m ready to do it on the spot. "

I’ve agreed to let the Muslims and Kenyans who were already here stay, but I have no trouble banning travel from Kenya in the future.  And that’s just one option. Obama should be lucky he’s not been deported back to his home country, though I wouldn’t rule out that option yet if I were him.  As of recently, he’s fair game, too,” Trump concluded.

chukkychukky at 2-02-2017 04:41PM (3 years ago)
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donald trump my man, God bless u. if dat gay man obama talk too much u deport him too

Jeonleon at 2-02-2017 04:50PM (3 years ago)
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If you threaten to deport a former POTUS, then it is your constitution you're making a mockery of, not the man.
Ufuoma_ at 2-02-2017 05:05PM (3 years ago)
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blowout at 2-02-2017 05:52PM (3 years ago)
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did man na bull inside china shop
Mykie010 at 2-02-2017 06:38PM (3 years ago)
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Hahaha this man no dey look face at all,Obama kindly allow this man naa,u have finished ur 8 years and he is now the President.
concentrate at 2-02-2017 07:15PM (3 years ago)
(1990 | Gistmaniac) (m)

very good. Obama should learn how governance is done not promoting nonsense in the name of democracy.
Bigboyfemoo at 2-02-2017 08:12PM (3 years ago)
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I concurr with ur principles President Donald Trump,Ride on.The Almighty God is with you.
Chericoco at 2-02-2017 08:14PM (3 years ago)
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What do you all know about America? Nigeria ihas more shit to deal with. You all focus on how to make Nigeria better and stop talking about something you all don't know.
jeroba1 at 2-02-2017 08:28PM (3 years ago)
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Obama go and sit down or else u will be deported.
schmit at 2-02-2017 08:29PM (3 years ago)
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Mad man
Otikadinje at 2-02-2017 08:31PM (3 years ago)
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Rude but blunt Trump Grin

jaykybrain at 2-02-2017 11:16PM (3 years ago)
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wow, one fin i observed abt those who r against trump r those who r gays... pls u gays need deliverance.... trump carry n let all d gays b against ur good work
jaykybrain at 2-02-2017 11:17PM (3 years ago)
(230 | Upcoming) (m)

wow, one fin i observed abt those who r against trump r those who r gays... pls u gays need deliverance.... trump carry n let all d gays b against ur good work
akinmanchy at 2-02-2017 11:31PM (3 years ago)
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Mehn dis guy nor dey play ooo

BournIdentity at 2-02-2017 11:46PM (3 years ago)
(46064 | Addicted Hero) (m)

Chhaaaiiiii NobsmallTin at all.., Shocked
james987 at 3-02-2017 12:06AM (3 years ago)
(8653 | Hero) (m)

Obama and his vice joe biden conducted a gay wedding inside white house for two of their workers who were gays Roll Eyes Roll EyesRoll Eyes Roll Eyes Roll Eyes Obama and his crew are hell bent on destroying and making mockery of America but some disgrunted few wouldn't know. It's hard for the world to get normal again cos alot of people do support evil. Roll Eyes Roll Eyes Roll Eyes
mirolam at 3-02-2017 05:55AM (3 years ago)
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I don't think trump will be so stupid as to say all that crap about adding Kenya  to the list. He must be on something to even consider that. He would be impeached faster than he was elected
kayveetee at 3-02-2017 06:32AM (3 years ago)
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America na Jerusalem or Mecca ? If you like ban everything & everyone that one na unu business.
sandra78 at 3-02-2017 07:56AM (3 years ago)
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Please add Muhammadu Buhari and hir Terrorist fulani brothers from northern Nigeria......Thank you sir
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