Policemen Run For Cover As Robbers Shoot Bank Customer Dead In Front Of Imo State Govt. House

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Tragedy struck yesterday in-front of Imo State Government House, as robbers who trailed their unsuspecting victim and his wife, in a Camry Salon Car, after they withdrew money from one of the banks along the popular Cathedral Road in Owerri metropolis, shot him dead after snatching the money from him.
It was gathered that the robbers who caught up with their victim before the Okigwe roundabout, directly opposite Government House, shot sporadically into the air before ordering their victim to hand over the money. When he resisted, they shot him three times, snatched the money and took off through Okigwe Road.

Here's what an eyewitness said;

 “I was at the newspaper stand across the road, just before the Okigwe roundabout, around 11a.m, when I heard a gunshot and then two young men in a Camry car blocked a man and his wife driving in another car.

“They asked the man to hand over the money. The woman ran out of the car, but the man refused to hand over the money to them. One of the robbers shot him three times and collected the money from him. I don’t know if he died.”

The eyewitness also disclosed that policemen, including personnel of the NSCDC at the roundabout opposite Government House, fled as soon as the robbers shot in the air.

Another witness  recounted his experience:
 “I was four cars behind. When I heard gunshots, it dawned on me that those in the Camry were robbers, because the way they overtook me made me wonder where they were hurrying to.

After snatching the money, they were shooting into the air, which sent people running in different directions, including the policemen at the Okigwe roundabout junction."
The State's Police Public Relations Officer, confirmed the incident and disclosed that the victim was confirmed dead at the Federal Medical Centre, Owerri.

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boys need money
-- christianity (m) at 31-03-2017 10:35AM
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What a country, where those that should be protecting the citizens prefer killing them,but when its time for them engage those they should be fighting they run away.
-- chukkychukky (m) at 31-03-2017 10:36AM
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imagine police run pass usain bolt

-- christianity (m) at 31-03-2017 10:40AM
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What a country, where those that should be protecting the citizens prefer killing them,but when its time for them engage those they should be fighting they run away from their responsibilities.
Wasted zoo
Wasted  generation
-- akinmanchy (m) at 31-03-2017 10:59AM
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So they killed the man even after collecting his money, so cruel. RIP

-- omoboriowo96 (m) at 31-03-2017 11:49AM
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Can you see the type of so-called police we have in this country,And they are busy fighting with peace corps of Nigeria.
-- morgan1 (m) at 31-03-2017 02:58PM
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Ehnnnnn ehnnn,,,,una see life??? everybody dey run, and una expect police to wait abi??? Bcos police get extral life for em pocket,,,,,abi olopa don wait ni?? ereeeee!!!!
-- ngfineface (f) at 31-03-2017 03:26PM
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[email protected] police. Tufiakwa
-- Keffejude (m) at 31-03-2017 04:12PM
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is dis d change we all voted 4
-- watford14 (m) at 31-03-2017 05:16PM
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See. Wa wo ereeee. Olopa ni olopa ko.
-- WhaleDog (m) at 1-04-2017 02:45AM
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Mr.Sergent don tear around church of run for your life .I no blame police a beg ! If him wan act brave to engage three armed men against one man ,he get as e go be

-- realbaby2 Online (f) at 1-04-2017 05:50AM
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Let the family of the the dead man go bank to the bank and arrest the person that pay them that money. The banker knows the robbers.