Nigerian Man, Kingsley Caught In India With Over 100 Cloned ATM Cards Belonging To Indians

2 years ago by: Mister Jay Wonder
(m) at 16-08-2017 08:17PM (2 years ago)

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The Nigerian man identified as Kingsley was reported to have cloned over 100 debit cards belonging to Indians and had been withdrawing money from the accounts fraudulently.

The victims of the credit card scam were reported to have swiped their ATM cards at ATM kiosks in the upscale area of South Delhi.

Police reported that the Nigerian man would seek out an ATM kiosk with no security camera or guards around and proceed to go inside to rip open the swiping slot of the machine before installing a scanner manually.

Police further reported that he employed the use of a black tape to hold the scanner and the card slot in place and then he would proceed to place a camera at a visible angle in order to allow it capture the pin numbers of customers.

The scanner would capture the details of unsuspecting customers as they swiped through the ATM for their transactions allowing the Nigerian man access to their details.

Kinggsley would reportedly go inside once the customer stepped out to fetch the camera and the card reader then proceed to clone the card with the details earlier recorded.

pricklong (m) at 16-08-2017 08:38PM
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SENSATION 77 you hear what your brother is doing
victorstic1 (m) at 16-08-2017 09:14PM
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kingsley chibuzo ibo all the way
Starnixx (m) at 16-08-2017 10:13PM
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all this bastards way the go outside go spoil our name
WhaleDog (m) at 17-08-2017 01:14AM
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That's Biafra ! But we would not budge bcaz he who give up a fight today ought to fight tomorrow .Therefore,to redeem your Biafra we will help sanitize your bcaz your belong to us .And if your feel otherwise or adamant then the door is opened wider for your to emigrate enmass to the Amazon or to Israel where your claimed your ancestors originated ,but before u start making a false claim remember the color of your skin .Well ! I will not be surprised if your are subjected to refugee hardship in a land u claimed ancestral origin .One thing that is forever sure is ,Nigeria geographical landscape is not for division or for grab and no ethnic can't divide tgat vast land ,too big to fail .

tegonwa (m) at 17-08-2017 02:35AM
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These People Go Out There To Bring Shame To Nigeria With Their Nefarious Activities.Quite Hopeless.Nawaa O!
Donchijoz (m) at 17-08-2017 08:23AM
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Sure say na Nigerian, he looks like an Ethiopian
ruthie (f) at 17-08-2017 09:46AM
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james987 (m) at 17-08-2017 04:03PM
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He dey do all these and em no fit clean out sef.. Na wa
Otikadinje (m) at 19-08-2017 12:20PM
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Jail the bastard fast.