30 Years Old Left Devastated After Finding Out The Man He Calls dad His Not His Father

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A Nigerian man has been left devastated after finding out the man he calls dad is not truly his father.

According to his story, the mother told him in confidence that the man he called dad is not his biological father.
The man who is about getting married has refused to be consoled leaving his girlfriend to ask Nigerians for advice on how to deal with the matter.
She shared the man's story and wrote:
"Please friends, help me advise a depressed man. He is my fiance. We are engaged. He is so confused. The man he thought was his biological father isn't his real father. He is the only surviving son of the late father and his eldest brother died from university cult clash back then at the university.
They are 2 boys and 2 girls. He is the last child.
So he is the only surviving son of his late father that died 3 years ago. His father died of kidney illness. He said his mum told him that his late father is not his real father. In fact, the company where his mother found Job for him is owned by his biological father.
The man is still alive. The man wants to take him along to Canada where he lives. The man too has 3 girls from a Nigeria woman and a son from a white woman.
My fiance is so confused because the man he grew under for 30 years isn't his father at all. His late father died when he clocked 30. He is finding it hard to believe. He is even more angry that his mother cheated on his father and his father trusted his mum so much.
He has left his late father's house because he doesn't want to see his mother even in death and he left the job last month.
He drinks and drinks every day. He keeps crying every day that he is ashamed of his mother, that his late father worked tirelessly to please his insatiable mother.
I don't know how to talk to him again. The mother told him that he shouldn't let anybody know about it but wants to let him know his real father because the way the owner of the company treats him specially even surprises him.
All his eldest sisters are all married. The situation is now affecting our relationship because he keep asking me if I will ever cheat on him if we get married. He is 34 years."

musiano (m) at 29-01-2020 02:15PM
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all women are not the same, but it is left for u to cheat or not.
HSEMAN1 (m) at 30-01-2020 05:45AM
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Women. Its time married men to start doing DNA for all their children to prevent similar issues. Nigeria men grow up and dont hide shame do DNA test on all your children. You dont need to tell your wife before doing the DNA test.

Enough of taking care of some else children. Enough of  bastard  children in Nigeria. God can not come down to solve this issue, only men will solve this issue.