Important Facts About Nigeria’s Booming Football Betting Industry

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Football betting has been sweeping across the African continent like a whirlwind. In Nigeria, it has provided an avenue for youths who wants to place soccer predictions on the favourite teams. In Nigeria, several bookmakers are making it possible to place bets on on-the-go. But for someone who is yet to closely review the country's betting landscape;
BetMGM bonus code is a great starting point for making your predictions. Now, onto to the big question, what is the state of football betting in Nigeria? Well, this post explores facts you should know about the booming football betting industry in Nigeria. Meanwhile, check out these US sportsbooks to place your prediction with a few clicks.

Betting Industry Value More Than $2 Billion

In the last few years, Nigeria’s betting industry has grown by leaps and bounds. It is all thanks to several betting companies that have since acquired operation licenses. From betting shops to online betting sites, the industry is valued more than $2 billion. A research that was conducted by in 2019 showed than about 60 million Nigerians are bettors. Most of them fall in the age bracket of 18 and 40. The report further states that smartphone use is credited with the spread of betting in Nigeria. Another notable point is that Nigerians love soccer, something which has further fueled the rapid expansion of the betting industry.

Betting Companies Employing Jobless Youths

Even as concerns keep rising about the spread of betting culture in Nigeria, the benefits are in the glare of everything. Nigeria is the most populated country in Africa, something that continues to make it difficult for the government to provide employment opportunities. However, betting companies have provided millions of Nigerians youths. One way through
which this takes place is the opening of betting shops across the countries. Secondly, betting companies have directly employed youths as customer agents and brand ambassadors.

A Boost to the Financially-Strapped Sports Sector

The Nigerian government, through the country’s gambling commission, has been providing checks and balances on betting activities. Thus, illegal gambling activities are not permitted
within the country. Only people who have attained legal gambling age are allowed to join sportsbooks to place bets on their favourite sports. Even more importantly, the expanding
betting industry in Nigeria has been a huge boost to both the sporting culture in the country and football clubs.

Betting companies have entered into sponsorship deals with several football clubs in Nigeria. It is a huge boost, especially to clubs who had always faced financial challenges due to insufficient government funding. A perfect example of a sponsorship deal is the one between Nigeria National League-NNL and a betting company. Sponsorship of football leagues and clubs in Nigeria adds to an already rich list of sponsors such as Guinness Plc that sponsors the national team. Nike and Adidas are other sponsors whose sponsorship activities have largely been concentrated on sportswear. Currently, there are more than twenty betting companies in Nigeria. However, only about ten are very popular among gamblers.

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