Chinese Citizen, Geng Quanrong Accussed Of Murder, Will Be Served Chinese Food In Prison - NCS

Date: 23-09-2022 10:10 pm (1 week ago) | Author: Olusanya Akinrinola
- at 23-09-2022 10:10 PM (1 week ago)

Geng Quanrong, the man accused of killing Ummu Buhari (Ummita), will be served Chinese meals.

The Nigerian Correctional Service (NCS) made the confirmation as his trial gets underway.

Kano Correctional Centre spokesman, Musbahu Kofar-Nassarawa said Quanrong was not expected to eat ‘gabza’, a meal for prisoners.

The Public Relations Officer said the law provides that a foreigner in Nigerian prison custody should be fed with his native food.

Kofar-Nasarawa added that the law allows such inmates to contact their country’s embassy or relatives for assistance.

“People are asking which type of food the suspect is going to be eating.

“He is going to be served Chinese food, that is what law provides”, Daily Nigerian quoted him saying.

Quanrong was charged to court on Wednesday but his plea was not taken due to lack of jurisdiction.

Magistrate Hanif Sanusi adjourned the homicide case to October 13 to enable the state to make necessary preparations.

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- gogoman at 23-09-2022 10:35 PM (1 week ago)
which yeye Chinese food!! is it not all about rice!! give am watery bean  Roll Eyes Roll Eyes Roll Eyes
Posted: at 23-09-2022 10:35 PM (1 week ago) | Addicted Hero
- Stengo at 24-09-2022 03:33 AM (1 week ago)
No one should change our system for a Chinese
Posted: at 24-09-2022 03:33 AM (1 week ago) | Upcoming
- Kormeijama at 24-09-2022 07:36 AM (1 week ago)
Online (m)
Are African criminals in Chinese jails served African foods, no!!!. But this is Africa where  the African is treated  more  more lesser than  a foreigner.  As an African, your  slavery treatment starts from your  country, and the rest of the jammat just follow suit. Be careful, this Chinese lad will soon 'ESCAPE'  as the  Chinese government is now pressurizing the Nigerian authorities to   handover their citizen to them prisons to china and the  matter is resolved. The next  thing, the Chinese  government will put out a statement assuring  the Nigerians that it will pursue the culprit  to ensure justice is done- farce.
Posted: at 24-09-2022 07:36 AM (1 week ago) | Gistmaniac
- alexidwayne at 24-09-2022 08:03 AM (1 week ago)
Animal country, the nigerians in chinese prisons are they being served eba and egusi,pounded yam and vegetable soup,semo and okazi soup or amala and ewedu soup?
africa should try and emancipate their selfs from mental slavery o.
Posted: at 24-09-2022 08:03 AM (1 week ago) | Upcoming