Tinubu Mocked As 85-Yrs-Old Former President Olusegun Obasanjo Jumps Off Podium At An Event

Date: 10-12-2022 10:42 am (1 month ago) | Author: Olusanya Akinrinola
- at 10-12-2022 10:42 AM (1 month ago)

Former president of Nigeria, Olusegun Obasanjo stuns guests in a christmas event where he jumps off the podium.
The 85 years old ex president shows how agile he still is at this age.
Trust Nigerians, to compare him with APC presidential aspirant, Bola Ahmed Tinubu, who has been a subject of mockery and meme over his deteriorating health.
In a reaction from a social media user, he wrote:
Baba OBJ should stop putting wrong ideas on balablu labalu head ooh! If he tries it, APC would have to conduct another primaries to find a candidate

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charmingcharjoe wrote: “All the presidential aspirants should do this challenge, I just want to check something respectfully”

michael._u wrote: “Make una no put ideas inside Tinubu’s mind oo. If he try am, na afterlife straight”

leaddyskincare wrote: “This man!!!! After his government,no other was better than his honestly”

easternvibez wrote: “But wait oo.. thought the podium has a step to walk of it easily, why did he chose to jump ? Nigeria politicians will never stop this comedy”

iamnaniboi wrote: “God has really blessed this man with sound heath of mind and body”

seun_dreams wrote: “Whereas a certain candidate can’t do this.”
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Posted: at 10-12-2022 10:42 AM (1 month ago) | Hero
- kp45 at 10-12-2022 12:32 PM (1 month ago)
All the presidential candidate should go for 100M race.
Posted: at 10-12-2022 12:32 PM (1 month ago) | Hero
- gogoman at 10-12-2022 02:23 PM (1 month ago)
All of una still dey get una priority wrong in 2022....maybe Anthony Joshua should be una president Roll Eyes Roll Eyes Roll Eyes
Posted: at 10-12-2022 02:23 PM (1 month ago) | Grande Master
- Kidfreshfunmi at 10-12-2022 07:33 PM (1 month ago)
There's no point worrying that Nigeria should not have a bad president. It's like worrying that another bad driver should not be the next to drive a rusty bus - it's already rusty, what difference would it make at this point. The world doesn't care that one corrupt dictator rules some banana African Republic in some obscure part of the continent., why would Nigeria be different.
Anybody wey like, mek E rule that Jungle dey go, na today? The world doesn't give two phyuks about some isignificant irrelevant jungle in some corner of Africa. So mek una kontinu with una yeyeh nonsense.
Posted: at 10-12-2022 07:33 PM (1 month ago) | Upcoming