Our Bag of Rice Refused to Finish After Paying Tithe From it - Pastor Eneche of Dunamis Claims

Date: 19-05-2024 12:32 pm (1 month ago) | Author: kacy lee
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Pastor Paul Enenche, the founder of Dunamis International Gospel Church, recently shared a remarkable testimony highlighting the power of tithing. He recounted an experience from the early days before he and his wife became pastors, emphasizing their dedication to the practice of tithing despite financial constraints.

According to Pastor Enenche, he and his wife, Dr. Becky Enenche, were committed to giving a portion of their income as tithe, even when they earned as little as 30 Naira, from which they would give 3 Naira as tithe. During a particularly challenging financial period, they decided to tithe from their supply of rice. To their astonishment, the rice supply did not diminish, even though they repeatedly took portions out for tithing.

This miraculous event continued until Dr. Becky Enenche decided to give away the entire bag of rice. Pastor Enenche shared this experience to illustrate the profound impact and spiritual significance of tithing in their lives, underscoring their faith in divine provision and the blessings associated with giving.
In his words;

“Until me and my wife married, she was tithing food; bag of rice. She’d remove one-tenth out of it and give it out. One day, we had a rice that could not finish; the more you fetch it, the more it continued. She became afraid in the end and dashed out the rest. What kind of food is this that wouldn’t finish.”

Some reactions to his testimony below:

nglatmrn said: “Pastors will preach everything and always skip Deuteronomy 14:22-29. Please in all you do, know how tithing works with this verse it will help you.”

NonyeKings noted: “The things of the spirit are foolishness unto those who are spiritually dead.”

_namedNameless added: “When you hear tales of the supernatural, it sounds like it’s made up coz it cannot be empirically explained.”

Engr_Ashile wrote: “This man thinks we are all arsenal fans .”

__Nnamdi_ penned: “Pastors and Nigeria politicians are the same. Thieves and liars.

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since government refuses to tax this fraudster dey will keep saying shit  Roll Eyes Roll Eyes Roll Eyes
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By placing doctrines over the word of God, those that are called and those that called themselves have turned from men of God to god of men. The judgement of God shall start from the Church.

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Ok o...
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Well, commenters have said it all!
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