VIO Allegedly Selling "Express" & "Premium" Number Plates At N120,000

Date: 25-05-2024 9:08 pm (3 weeks ago) | Author: Mister Jay Wonder
- at 25-05-2024 09:08 PM (3 weeks ago)
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The Directorate of Road Traffic Services, widely known as the Vehicle Inspection Office (VIO), has come under scrutiny for reportedly selling "express" and "premium" number plates at inflated prices ranging from N100,000 to N120,000, far above the official rate of N56,000 to N58,000 for a standard plate.

Saturday PUNCH investigations revealed that motorists seeking number plates are being told that the plates are unavailable unless they are willing to pay the higher fees to expedite the process.

Mr. Friday (not his real name), a motorist in Abuja, shared his recent experience, explaining that he was asked to pay N120,000 to get his number plate quickly. "I have been trying to get the number, but I was told by VIO that it is N120k against the official N56k price. They received a new stock last Thursday, but the plates are not available. They are creating artificial scarcity so they can continue to sell at 120k,” he recounted.

When contacted, a VIO officer confirmed the situation, stating that while the official price for a saloon car number plate is N56,000 to N58,000, the "express" service could be arranged for N100,000 to N120,000, ensuring delivery within two days directly from the Director’s office.

“No plate numbers for now. It will be till next week when they bring a new order. The plates are between N56,000 and 58,000 for a saloon car. But if you want it express from the Director’s office, you will pay between N100,000 and N120,000. I will go and pick it up for you within two days, you understand?" the officer said, adding, “So, think about it. But if you don’t need it urgently, then you can just wait till we restock, and I’ll let you know. The one from the Director’s office is by slot. So, it depends on if you can pay that amount. If you can’t, just wait till next week.”

The allegations suggest that the VIO might be deliberately creating an artificial scarcity of number plates to inflate prices, thereby exploiting motorists who need their plates urgently. This practice has raised concerns about corruption and the need for regulatory oversight within the Directorate of Road Traffic Services.

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who are those buying it? why are they rushing? what is going on?  Roll Eyes Roll Eyes Roll Eyes
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 Huh? Huh? Huh?

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What a system, everyone in his or her own little office is corrupt.
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