Cross River Government Demolishes Historic Monolith Sculpture, Replaces With A Statue of Jesus

Date: 29-05-2024 3:20 pm (3 weeks ago) | Author: Bayo Nelson
- at 29-05-2024 03:20 PM (3 weeks ago)

The Cross River State Government has replaced the historic Monolith sculpture with a statue of Jesus, sparking mixed reactions in Calabar. The Monoliths sculpture at Zone 6 roundabout in Calabar, which symbolized the state’s cosmopolitan identity and rich heritage, was demolished and substituted with a statue of Jesus as a shepherd leading sheep. The sculpture honored the world-famous Monoliths found in Alok and other northern regions, showcasing Africa’s ancient civilization and cultural legacy. It was crafted by the late Pastor Anthony Akinbola, a renowned Nigerian artist with numerous works across Nigeria and even exhibitions in the United States.

While some residents expressed sadness about the change, many welcomed it, claiming that the monolith statues were associated with witchcraft and juju activities. A government representative clarified that the structures were not actual monoliths but symbolic representations of the scattered monoliths in the state. The government preserved this representation at the Calabar Museum, Old Residency, with accompanying guides for those unfamiliar with the stones’ significance.

According to the Government, the statue of Jesus as a shepherd symbolizes the current administration’s commitment to safeguarding every individual in the state, reflecting the government’s responsibility to protect lives and properties. The shepherd represents dedicated leadership focused on the people, as depicted by carrying both the state and national flags, serving as a visual representation of this leadership approach.


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Politicians are herdsmen while their followers are SHEEPS in Cross River State... Grin Grin Grin
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Foolish set of people.
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