Nigerian Man Who Went Abroad With Nothing Comes Back Rich After 9 Years

Date: 29-05-2024 3:34 pm (3 weeks ago) | Author: Bayo Nelson
- at 29-05-2024 03:34 PM (3 weeks ago)

A Nigerian man, Alfred Kings, has captured the attention of many online as he made a triumphant return back home after nine years abroad. The man’s return was nothing short of spectacular, leaving his family and community awestruck by his grand entrance. The man was seen accompanied by an escort and personal security detail as he made his grand entrance during a wedding ceremony, capturing the attention and admiration of all present.

As his vehicle pulled up, his security team quickly opened the door, setting the stage for a heartwarming reunion. In the video, the man’s family members erupted with joy upon seeing him step out of the vehicle. Their elation was palpable as they rushed to embrace him.


Netizens Reactions…
Mr Billz4Canada said; “To all of out there we must return big Amen.”

Nwoke Oma_Tv said; “Imagine say you come back with okada nobody go come greet you.”

Westlife Pmd said; “What if He did not come back this big hope he will be this welcomed? Thank GOD you made it big and healthy if not no one would believe U did your best.”

Miracle Godwin Nwite said; “I must return home with bigger wealth, in the name of Jesus christ name, Amen.”

Dubai Burger said; “Na last born fit jump on u like this.”

odinakajude860 said; “Abeg make we try the spary our father’s too, more blessings to the family.”

LOCAL MAN said; “I don’t know you but I’m happy to see you return big. Glory be God.”

Mmiri Nah Mandela said: “Thank God u return this way if not hmmmmm.”

Kelvin B. said; “God abeg remember me I want to go with plenty money so I can make my mom happy like this.”

Posted: at 29-05-2024 03:34 PM (3 weeks ago) | Addicted Hero
- gogoman at 29-05-2024 03:43 PM (3 weeks ago)
Came back rich  Grin Grin Grin stupid looney evil African women Roll Eyes Roll Eyes Roll Eyes if he come back with nothing nko!!!!  Roll Eyes Roll Eyes Roll Eyes he must be rich  Roll Eyes Roll Eyes Roll Eyes
Posted: at 29-05-2024 03:43 PM (3 weeks ago) | Grande Master
- kp45 at 29-05-2024 05:33 PM (3 weeks ago)
He wasn't playing
Posted: at 29-05-2024 05:33 PM (3 weeks ago) | Addicted Hero
- OmoNobaUku at 29-05-2024 06:24 PM (3 weeks ago)
His alleged name already gives his game away. Alfred Kings indeed. Which of his parents gave him that name and where in NGR do they have King as their heritage name? I bet he scammed people or committed large scale fraud abroad; hence he escaped before he got caught. Please, let's STOP celebrating riches from unknown or unverified sources. I hope EFCC do some digging into his background and collaborate with Interpol to see what they find on him. We'll of course hail him if they find him clean but I doubt very much that they will.
Posted: at 29-05-2024 06:24 PM (3 weeks ago) | Gistmaniac