Omoyele Sowore Alleges Fraudulent Packaging Of Peter Obi's Candidacy

Date: 08-06-2024 10:59 pm (1 week ago) | Author: Mister Jay Wonder
- at 8-06-2024 10:59 PM (1 week ago)

Omoyele Sowore, the presidential flag-bearer of the African Action Congress (AAC), has made bold allegations against Peter Obi, claiming the former Anambra State Governor's candidacy for the 2023 election was fraudulently packaged to deceive Nigerians.

In an interview with Pulse Nigeria, Sowore expressed his skepticism towards Obi's political movement under the Labour Party, accusing the former governor of dishonesty and fraudulent practices.

Sowore, known for his activism and criticism of political figures, asserted his long-standing disdain for dishonest politicians, including Obi. He recounted his history of exposing corrupt dealings, including those of prominent figures like Bola Tinubu and Atiku Abubakar.

Drawing attention to his investigative journalism platform, Sahara Reporters, Sowore claimed to have exposed Obi's alleged corruption during his tenure as governor. He accused Obi of embezzlement, substandard infrastructure projects, and misuse of state funds for personal gain.

Highlighting the discrepancy between Obi's political image and his record in office, Sowore emphasized the need for transparency and accountability in Nigerian politics. He warned against blind support for politicians without scrutinizing their track records.

Sowore's remarks come amidst a growing wave of political scrutiny and skepticism towards traditional political figures. He urged Nigerians to critically assess political candidates and demand accountability from those seeking public office.

While acknowledging the emotional attachment some may have towards political figures, Sowore emphasized the importance of truth-telling and factual reporting in shaping public discourse.

In conclusion, Sowore reiterated his commitment to exposing political fraud and advocating for a more accountable and transparent political system in Nigeria.

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una know una self well well
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So let's assume Obi is corrupt. So na you Nigerians one come vote for abi who? Thunder fire you there. You fraudster. Corrupt individual when dem.ise money blind him eye during Buhari vs Jonathan political eraa. Nigerians know you pass as u think. Nothing go make u smell even house of assembly let alone presidency. Foooooool. Keep deceiving yourself. People.srill de talk, criminal like you de talk.mehnnnn no ur fraudulent activities for that U.S. people wen u do shit with wen u enter U.S. bastard like u de talk nonsense
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Nonsensical. Useless attention seeker. You are a clown .
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Obi was excellent as a governor. So what the hell is this desperate idiot talking about?
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