Attempted Assassination Of President Obama

8 years ago by: Nigeria Newspapers
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It was comfirmed by the Secret Service that a gunman fired multiple shots at the White House.

According to mediatakeout “The shots were fired on Friday. President Obama was in White House for the early part of day. Luckily the bullets were stopped by the bullet proof glass at the White House. The President was not injured in the assassination attempt.

Here is a picture of the guy who tried to assassinate the president. His name is Oscar Ortega Harnandez

Source: http:///attempted-assassination-barack-obama

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wetin concern me

-- gbengasax (m) at 17-11-2011 07:45PM
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One Nigeria Pastor/Prophet prophesied about this few weeks ago and some people called him names but funny enough it has come to pass within two weeks. I took time to read over and over all he said in the article of that prophecy, and followed it up carefully, now I realized almost 50% of it has taken place. No matter how rotten the country might be THE SPIRIT OF GOD IS STILL DWELLING RICHLY IN HIS PROPHETS.

I think it would rather do us good if we could pray fervently  to God each time a word of prophesy comes out and to also be on watch out where needs be instead or mere criticism.
-- kebella (f) at 17-11-2011 07:53PM
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 Shocked Shocked Shocked