President Goodluck Ebele Jonathan Sets World Record Of Been The Most Cursed Pres

Published 8 years ago by: Christopher Isagi
at 9-01-2012 12:32AM (8 years ago)

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These are some of the curses he got on facebook:
“u are a fool for doin dis forgettin d slum u came from and a maga doin dis 2 dos who cant afford 2 buy feul for dat amount”

“U promised us good life,but now u v’e given us stone to eat,u re a failure mr president posterity ll hurt u 4 ever.i regreted voting u.”
For more curses check photo source

sarah555 at 9-01-2012 01:02AM (8 years ago)
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Mr president na ordinary TV wey u buy put 4 wall dey use remote control dey direct am to any channel wey u want. e.g Baba Iyabo hold one of d remotes.
youngrashy at 9-01-2012 07:01AM (8 years ago)
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Dis is just d biginning
malikmary1005 at 9-01-2012 09:32AM (8 years ago)
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Mr. President does first things secondly. Sadly enough he doesn't have the people @ heart
meraargungu at 9-01-2012 12:54PM (8 years ago)
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i trust my presidor GEJ pls keeps its up we Nigerians are really on your side.
Solidstonez at 6-07-2012 05:37AM (7 years ago)
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verah at 6-07-2012 12:11PM (7 years ago)
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aint u all happy that ur presido has all this qualities?

verah at 6-07-2012 12:12PM (7 years ago)
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Quote from: meraargungu on  9-01-2012 12:54PM
i trust my presidor GEJ pls keeps its up we Nigerians are really on your side.
Cheesy Cheesy Cheesy Cheesy Cheesy Cheesy

chicco77 at 26-08-2012 03:25PM (7 years ago)
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 Roll Eyes Roll Eyes
PoliticxGuru at 24-08-2015 09:17AM (4 years ago)
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hackynoni111 at 2-09-2015 04:15PM (4 years ago)
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iam just speechless