Boko Haram will start kidnapping and bombing of schools

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Boko Haram changes tactics
Now targets primary, secondary schools
•To begin kidnap of wives, children of govt functionaries
From Our reporter
Friday January 27, 2012

The Islamic sect, Boko Haram, has threatened to adopt a change of tactics in a message posted on YouTube yesterday. The sect also restated that it was behind last week’s attacks in Kano saying bombings and shootings were to avenge the torture of its members.

“We were responsible,” a voice identified as that of suspected Boko Haram leader Abubakar Shekau says in audio played over a picture of him. “I ordered it and I will give that order again and again. God gave us victory.”

A spokesman for the group had earlier claimed responsibility for
coordinated bombings and shootings on January 20 in Kano which left at least 185 people dead. Police stations were the main targets.
Shekau said in the message that “we attacked the security formations because our members were arrested and tortured. Our women and children have also been arrested.” He then issued another threat: “They should know that they also have wives and children. We can also abduct them. It is not beyond our powers.
“Soldiers raided an Islamic seminary in Maiduguri and desecrated the Quran.

They should bear in mind that they also have primary and secondary schools and universities, and we can also attack them.”
The Boko Haram leader also accused the authorities of killing civilians in Friday’s violence.
“After we finished our war, policemen stuck around and started killing civilians and later blamed us,” he said. “We are not fighting civilians, but security forces. We only kill soldiers, policemen and their collaborators.”

The Kano attacks were the worst yet attributed to Boko Haram and occurred in a city that serves as the economic heart of the North. Another police station was attacked in Kano on Tuesday night, while an explosion also went off in the city on yesterday. A German engineer was also kidnapped on the outskirts of Kano yesterday. A video posted on YouTube earlier this month was also said to be of Shekau.

In the video, the man said to be Shekau issued a message to President Goodluck Jonathan and threatened further violence.
The appearance of the man in the video appeared significantly different than earlier images said to be of the Boko Haram chief, but a Western diplomat said “we assessed it was Shekau.”


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bomsiluv at 01:21 PM, 27/01/2012 (7 years ago)
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Let them start with the Islamic schools in the North first. Stupid blood suckers. God will punish your sponsors and supporters. Agents of darkness
FinlandGuy at 01:35 PM, 27/01/2012 (7 years ago)
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Let them start from IBB wives and,children,Bughari wives and,children,Atiku wivies and children,sultan of sokoto wives,concubines and children,all northern governors wives and childre,Ig wives and children,and make them kill them and burn them,it is the work of their allah if they do this.
bomsiluv at 02:03 PM, 27/01/2012 (7 years ago)
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Quote from: FinlandGuy on 01:35 PM, 27/01/2012
Let them start from IBB wives and,children,Bughari wives and,children,Atiku wivies and children,sultan of sokoto wives,concubines and children,all northern governors wives and childre,Ig wives and children,and make them kill them and burn them,it is the work of their allah if they do this.

Yes o, it must come to pass. All those who supports evil must see evil. See how this foolish people  turned naija upside down. God will never forgive you people.
blings_is_back at 02:10 PM, 27/01/2012 (7 years ago)
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chidiex at 05:30 AM, 2/05/2012 (7 years ago)
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Mr president sir , what is your opinion in this seduction?should we fold our hands watch our people been killed every day? because this people are opinionated ,, there not willing to change at all,,there just oppressive tools to the devil, causing depressssion, anxiety of weather,hot and airless, there are opprobrum to our dear country,there are opportunist , good luck should oppose there notion or lets divide,, this devilish set of animals called Muslim are oppressing christian ,, good luck should optimistically,, i want to say all the officials of Muslim had in hand in this, there have agreed to do this,,there are officialdom,there in change of all this that is going on in our country,we can called boko and there people omnivorous that is what the are,,animals ,what the government wanna tell? that this animals called boko Muslims are obstreperous or what?hence buk Muslim have refuse to obstinate then lets divide,, Christians are been killed occasionally every day, Muslim boko are nincompoop set of animals in our country,, impostor deceiving his people,  the need to be hoi polloi,cos there are common animals in Nigeria,,hellhole to Christians, very unpleasant ,, i want all the Christians i Nigeria to have this, all the Muslim leaders are in support of this killing every day? so the best thing to do is to divide cos we are not ( 1 Nigeria again )  we are divided Nigeria now,,every body should know that,, Muslim dose not want peace in there life' and will not like to stay with peace people, i have said my Owen,,


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