How to Make Your Husband Feel Special & Get Him Addicted to You

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If you love your husband then it would be a good idea to make him feel special from time to time so as to keep the flames of love fanned at all times.

Your husband might be too engrossed in his work to take out too much time for you, but if you remind him that you understand and make him feel special then he too will reciprocate in the same manner. Here are some tips.

Give him his daily dose of hugs and kisses
Although your husband might not have the time to kiss or hug you in his hurry to rejoin the rat race, you can still give him a quick hug and a kiss.

This will remind your husband that you still love him and provide him some justification as to why he works so hard each day.

Cook him his favorite dish
You can surely win your husband's love and make him feel special by cooking up his favorite dish.

Your husband would reward you with a smile and polite or loud burps of appreciation.

Buy him gifts that he dreams about
If you have the money then you can simply listen to what your husband wants and gift it to him. This could include a watch, a mobile phone or even a leather bag.

Your husband would be happier at the fact that you paid attention to his needs rather than the actual gift itself and treasure it for a very long time.

Give him his night off
If your husband asks for an occasional night off that he wants to enjoy with his buddies or wants to bring them home for a game of poker then support your husband.

Your husband would surely appreciate your gesture and would feel especially special if you were to serve cold beer and hot snacks to him and his buddies.

Take your husband on a romantic date
Rather than blame your husband for losing his romantic touch you can take charge of the romantic department in your relationship.

You should find out in advance of any weekend that is available in your husband's schedule and book a romantic getaway for both of you. A candlelit dinner followed by a long walk on the beach will make him fell special and keep the flames of passion alive in your marriage.

Compliment him
You should also make it a point to regularly compliment your husband, especially if he has taken extra efforts to lose weight or dress up smartly.

This will make your husband feel noticed and special, and he will surely be encouraged to carry on with renewed dedication.

Remind him of how much he means to you
You too might get caught up in your daily routine to remind your husband of how special he is.

You should whisper those loving words into your husband's ears whenever you do get a little time or even remind him in bed during or after a lovemaking session. This will make your husband feel truly special.

These tips will help remind your husband that you do regard him as someone extraordinarily special and help keep your marriage alive and happy forever.

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Who wan carry last, na man.