8 years ago by: Stan N. (Waco Janta)
(m) at 2-03-2012 02:39PM (8 years ago)

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I am not free from this act,
Bibilically, it is a SIN we all know it

but what touched me is the arguement that came up
against this yesterday hence i want to hear from fellow pals.

Does or do u think premarital sex affects marriage?

That is, if people were into it before and eventually they
got married, WILL IT in anyway affect their marriage?

HOPEA23 (f) at 2-03-2012 03:05PM
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i don't think so...check every married couple is it all of dem that ain't happy?
anyway...it bad to have sex before marriage but it already been committed just ask God for forgiveness.
all marriage isnot perfect....

Jamesaino (m) at 2-03-2012 03:24PM
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Waco hear the truth, premartial sex is BAD AND EVIL, it can ruin ur marriage.In a situation whereby u've nt being into the act, my kindly advice is that u should neva venture into 2, bt if 4 some reason u've had sex in tym pasted or have been having sex before ''God 4 bid''.My advice is that u should jst pray that anemesis should in no way locate u.
One tin pple dnt knw abt premartial sex is dat, wen u ve sex wit someone dat is nt ur wife or husband, u ve jst add another predicament 2 d one u're already in2 becos sex was meant 4 husband nd wife and wen u continue havin sex wit different pple ''b4 marriage'' ure collecting spirits dat will still disturb ur marriage, maybe 2moro u'll go barren when my or give birth 2 a child who is demon possessed.
All those problem are jst as a result of d different spirits u collected wen u couldn't keep ur sexual organ in a place.
So my d @HOPE n WACO premartial sex is dangerous and diasaterous.
justloveme (m) at 2-03-2012 06:28PM
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No beta sex- no welding. Haba u wan kill me. 
justloveme (m) at 2-03-2012 06:32PM
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Sex b4 is continous assessment (u continue to access&assess it 4 touchery) sex afta na final exam 4 pikin.
Adikpe (m) at 2-03-2012 06:33PM
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Though, it is bad but if it has effect in marriage, that I cannot tell since I am not married yet. Anyway, I don't think anyone here is innocent of this act.
Adikpe (m) at 2-03-2012 06:34PM
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Quote from: justloveme on  2-03-2012 06:32PM
Sex b4 is continous assessment (u continue to access&assess it 4 touchery) sex afta na final exam 4 pikin.

 Grin Grin Grin
billsreeds (m) at 3-03-2012 01:32AM
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i think we all know d real thruth....its wrong.
giftmurphy (f) at 4-03-2012 09:21PM
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trolling (m) at 4-03-2012 09:25PM
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if he dey affect ppl he suppose affect Adam,isaac,Jacob wey no do am b4 dem marry.....