at 4-03-2009 11:15PM (11 years ago)

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Profesors surpose to command respect as I was ment to understand cos i know that it is not easy to come by. But am surprise and disappointed by this singular name called Iwu and his quest for power. Uptil now, Iwu has the impetus to talk in nigeria medium and Yaradua has nothing to do about that, anyway am not surprise cos my president knows that his election has 'comma' and that the  judiciary left him just for the interest of peace.

I challenge Iwu to reject the verdicts of appeal court as it regards Adamawa state, Kogi State, Edo State, Ekiti State, Ondo State, Abia State, Anambra State among others if he knows that he is not the worst electroal chairman nigeria ever produced.

With all these nulification of elections, yet Iwu is still there pretending and claiming to have done the best. pls the house members should tell Iwu to resign. This sholud be one of the Yaradua's electroal reform process.

They should make Iwu to face the wrath of the law and this will serve as a deterant to others. Thank God that at last a common man can get justice, thank God for nigeria judiciary.

walerian at 6-03-2009 03:34PM (11 years ago)
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Iwu's case is much complicated than wat people tink it is. its a federal arrangement by obasanjo. apart from the mis management of his position as chairman of Inec, he embezzled funds making him the worst professor. He cant challenge any case in court cos he knows wat he did nationwide concerning elections. there is little yar adua can do abt this cos his God father, who gave him power ochestrated the whole thing. he is also part of the plan mind u.
rbest at 7-03-2009 12:18PM (11 years ago)
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hmmm, is really a shame that the legislatures passed vote of confidence on  Iwu. its a pity. they rather say Iwu should complete his tenure than passing such vote of confidence. tell me where is our conscience, and what are we rebranding according to Dora? we should rebrand our mind-set first. God help Nigeria
hackynoni111 at 3-09-2015 03:29PM (4 years ago)
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jah help us
bukolabk at 4-09-2015 11:34AM (4 years ago)
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