The state of the Nation called Nigeria

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In one of his songs, the Legendary Fela Anikulapo Kuti made it clear that Nigerians fear too much...we fear the bad things happening around us...nobody wants to die because of their beloved kids, family, friends and businesses forgeting that the more we exercise this fear and fold our hands, the more we expose those things that we claim to love to greater danger!

What we are up against is way beyond is highly Political!

What is going on is just a strong battle between the "KING MAKERS" and the KING himself. The easiest/fastest means of bringing down a warrior is to bring down the things he loves and care about the not forget in a hurry that GEJ is a christian and a mass attack on the christian community would be one easy way of manufacturing gross discredit against his government.

President Goodluck Jonathan may have been a good seed but what happens when you plant a good seed in a dry barren desert? What would you expect? ...bountiful harvest?...i doubt!

Just after the 2011 presidential elections, some political juggernauts made some nasty comments among which are...


" When Nigerians refuses to embrace a change then violence will be inevitable"


"we are going to make the country ungovernable for him"

Behold! Right before our very eyes, that inevitable violence is manifesting and we also do not need a prophet to tell us that the country is gradually getting so ungovernable for GEJ.

It is high time we Nigerians woke up from ur slumber because believe it or not Nigeria is going down and if nothing is done right now that we have the time then Nigeria is just going to keep falling till she hits the ground and that is the WORSE THAT IS YET TO COME!...when an egg drops, the best time to save it is when its falling because soon as it hits the ground...GAME OVER!

We Nigerians are so good at one thing...we are world's best at analysing 'situations' ...right here on NP, over there on twitter, facebook, radio stations, tv stations, print media even up there at the national assembly it's just 'so so' plenty analysis but we lack the courage to take meaningful action. We all sit and fold our hands and perhaps wait for the western world to come to our aid while failing to realise that the world as it stands today is one highly sophisticated food chain and we are right at the bottom of it (food for thoughts)

As of today, churches are no longer safe, the streets are not safe, our highways, our homes, our schools are all no longer safe and same goes for our offices and right now even night clubs are no longer safe and given the trend at which violence is holding it down in our land, who says its no possibility that the DANA air crash couldn't have been master-minded? Under the Nigerian sun, everything is just so possible!

We all sit back and shout "God help us" ...well am not saying God can't or won't help us but it's high time we did ourselves some good favor and help ourselves by taking action and see if God isn't going to be impressed by blessing the works of our hands. We all remember how it was in Ghana...they invented the courage to taking the right action now see where they are today socially, economically and politically.

Several years back, Nigerians waxed a very good song, they titled it "Ghana must go" but soon to come will be a remixed version by the Ghanians, am sure it will be titled "Naija must go"

Fellow Nigerians, i think it will be wise for us as a people to put aside our religious differences as well as our tribal differences and join hands as one people with unified understanding speaking with one voice because we have a common enemy! I have no beef with Adebayo...i like to eat amala with ewedu soup and perhaps date that fine girl called Funmilayo at the back of my hut...I have no beef with neither Adamu nor Halima...i just love to eat hot spicy suya washed down with chilled kunu...I have no beef with Chukwuma certianly not with Ndubuisi...i just love that spicy home made isi-ewu by mama Amaka and for sure i would love to do my next christmas shopping at ariara market at Aba but I HAVE VERY STRONG BEEF WITH THAT SMALL GROUP OF BLOOD SUCKING VAMPIRE ELITES THAT SEE THEMSELVES AS KING MAKERS AND BELIEVES OUR NATIONAL CAKE IS THEIR PERSONAL BIRTH RIGHTS...AM AT WAR WITH THEM ALL!!!

Take this as my sign off note...According to the great Chinua Achebe, "Things will only fall apart when the centre cannot hold"


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