Does ‘LOL’ Really Mean ‘Lucifer Our Lord’? (Page 5)

Published On: November 30, 2012, 11:36 am
Author: Charles colins
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-- aaliyah (f) at 4-12-2012 03:09PM
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It means different things to different people depending on the context it is used. Lol is popularly used as laugh out loud.
-- Ninky (f) at 4-12-2012 03:38PM
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Quote from: hismahill on 30-11-2012 11:54AM
This is ridiculous...I know my LOL doesn't acknowledge lucifer,satan or whatever you may call it.same acronym can stand for different meaning depends on the context.
u r so ryt
-- Onmeomele (m) at 4-12-2012 03:58PM
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To me 'LOL' means " Laugh of Laugh" so it depends on the content you want to use it dude.
-- kampas (f) at 4-12-2012 04:05PM
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Why are people so negative? LOL means a whole lot of things,to me instead of being satanic why not Lord Of Lords for christ sake!!!!!!
-- blayzaz (m) at 4-12-2012 06:01PM
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yes, it can refer to anything you wish it to be,anything like, lots of love, laugh out loud, lots of laugh. you using lol does not mean it's lucifer our lord, it depends on what you mean by it.
-- jesustine (f) at 4-12-2012 06:18PM
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this is idiot. useless post. Angry Angry Angry Angry
-- Queenzy38 (f) at 4-12-2012 06:24PM
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mtcheeeeeeeeeew u guyz lk complicatn tin toooo much oooh....
-- nitter (m) at 4-12-2012 06:42PM
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Na lie
-- nelsonRaul (m) at 4-12-2012 07:28PM
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mr poster did lucifer visited and told you what it means?
It also means Lord Of Lords
-- chicco77 (f) at 4-12-2012 09:39PM
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 Roll Eyes Roll Eyes Roll Eyes Roll Eyes Roll Eyes
-- lee22 (f) at 4-12-2012 10:48PM
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 Roll Eyes Roll Eyes Roll Eyes
-- dickman2 (m) at 4-12-2012 11:21PM
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 Tongue Tongue Tongue Tongue Tongue Tongue
-- ceejay58 (m) at 5-12-2012 12:09AM
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Na una sabi......... For me, it's just short for "laughing out loud or Lots of Love".

So if some foolish and sick idiot out there decides to tag some stupid meaning to it, well na him own cup of shit be dat.

Anyways, Passing first.
-- jarmila (f) at 5-12-2012 05:07AM
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Lol means laughing out loud,so stop this brainless and devilish post.gosh this post and the poster sucks
-- oceanclock (m) at 5-12-2012 10:00AM
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-- Greggiyke (m) at 5-12-2012 06:25PM
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Why are people so conscious and so scared of satan the devil?
Why should we believe that ordinary alphabets are for the devil?
These are alphabets that we use everyday, it LOL means what you said it means to satanists, why should it be anybody's business?
LOL means 'Lots of Laughs', it could also mean 'Lots of Love' for some people or 'Lord of Lords' ( which is the Almighty, our creator and the creator of satan himself ).
It all depends on what the writer has in mind while he/she writes.

Please stop being too conscious or afraid of satan, rather, fear GOD, only GOD can destroy both the body and the soul. I'm more conscious of him and I fear him more.
-- NKYFRONT (f) at 4-01-2013 05:55PM
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Thanks alot
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