Why Men Has More Advantages Of Cheating

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People always ask me, “Why when a man cheats or has a lot of women, he gets respect, but when a woman does it, she’s called a wh*re”. My short answer is usually something like, “because that’s the world we live in”. The following is my long answer.

It is way easier for the average woman to have sex with a lot of men than it is for the average guy to have sex with a lot of women. On any given Sunday, a chick could make a few phone calls and have at least one guy ready and willing to be at her place within an hour for some action. Of course there are outliers, but on average this is the case. So if a woman takes advantage of this “power”, she gets called a name, which is what we do to people who take advantage of their power, we call them names. In all cases name calling is wrong, but it happens.

On the other hand, this feat of making a cold call and getting someone to come over within the hour is nearly impossible for the average guy. Again, there are outliers, but on average, it’s not going to happen. A guy has to work for it a little more, spend a little more, and (unfortunately) lie a little more to reach a similar result. It becomes a full time job for him. Guys who have acquired the skill of attracting and juggling multiple women, gains approval from their peers because it is not something the average man can do. In general, we look up to above average people and strive to be like them.

That was my long answer. Here is my medium length answer: “Women get called wh*re (and more nasty names) for doing the same thing that men do because they possess a great power and anyone who takes advantage of their power get called names.

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Incomeplete... So what is the way forward??