My mother will kill me if I go Nood -–Lillian Okoli

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It is normal to hear established actors tell you about how many years it took them to get to where they are currently but for Lillian Okoli, it is a different scenario.

In just one year, she has become the toast of Nollywood movie producers.

With over 30 movies to her credit and still counting, Okoli who is ‘crazy’ about tattoos studied cell biology and genetics and did not set out to become a movie star. But what started as a hobby has made her the most sought after actress in tinsel town.

In this interview, the ever busy and fair complexion beauty from Orlu in Imo State talks passionately about her foray into the industry as well as her private life, career and other sundry issues.

What influenced your going into acting?

I started from drama in the church. There was a movie they wanted to do and they needed someone like me and the producer came to my church and was talking about it. I never even believed I could even do it because I was only acting basic drama in the church not to do home video. I attend Porters House, Festac. From there I started acting. My first movie was produced by Jamel and from there I have done other movies.

How many movies have you done so far?

I have done 30 movies so far. Let me name them – Broad Street Girls, Indecent Dressing, BlackBerry Season 2 Babes, Airline Babes, Four Boys, Satanic Mission, Satanic Church, Sisterhood of Darkness, The Real Alingo, Festac Babes, Bold Five Babes, All My Ladies Kurukere, Blood Settlement, Notorious, Innocent Killer, Prison Gate, Hammer House of Horror, Hunted House, among many others.

No TV programme yet?

No, because I am not interested for the simple reason that it is said in the industry if you do TV programme, marketers will not call you for jobs. They will see you as a TV person.

Since 2012, how has the experience been?

I will say I am lucky. Some people even say so. For me to get into Nollywood in 2012, and begin to work with big marketers is not something that is common. I have done a lot of great jobs. I am even featured on posters now. The level I am now took some people so many years to reach. I just did it in one year and I think it is God.

What did you set out to achieve when you joined Nollywood?

I am the kind of person that gives all to whatever I set out to do. If I want to serve God, I give my all. I didn’t just join Nollywood like that. I went to church to pray. I did a lot of things for God like when they were building my church, I raised a window; I visited motherless homes. I always do that though. When I joined, I started playing lead roles. I don’t know how to say it but that is how it is.

Did you meet a particular producer to assist you?

The only person I knew before I joined was Simone of Simone Production. We knew before I joined because we were living in the same close. I also knew Universal, Kas-Vid and Martin King but I have not worked with Kas-Vid, Universal and Martin King.

Most of the movie titles you mentioned are on babes, why are you playing the role of babes?

It is because I am hot. I know I am hot. There was a movie I did, Baby Oku  it will hit the market soon. I was hot in that movie too.

What major challenges have you encountered?

I have not really experienced tough challenges. Maybe I experience that when I work T-Chidi Chikere. He is one director I would love to work with. I have heard so much about him. I was told he motivates people and does his job professionally. I have been watching his movies before I joined the industry. The one he featured in and the ones he directs.

With all of these, how would you say you have fared so far in the industry?

I can say that I have been successful. The job is interesting but stressful. The other day I wasn’t feeling too strong but I still went ahead to shoot. I got lots of experience from travelling in buses to locations in the east. It was fun. That was my first time of doing that.

Have you acted with any A-list actress?

I have not acted with Genevieve Nnaji, Mercy Johnson or Omotola Ekeinde but I have acted alongside Queen Nwokoye, Tonto Dikeh. These are some faces they use now. I have worked with Pete Edochie.

Who would you love to work with?

I would love to act with Stella Damasus. I just love her. Though I have not met her but I would very much love to meet her. As for the males, I would like to work with Ramsey Nouah.

Soft porn seems to be in vogue in Nollywood now, what do you think about it?

It could be as a result of what the director tells them. You have to be strong in this job because they might make you do something that you may not ordinarily do and when you get home, you would start regretting it. They will so cajole you into thinking that it is nothing new. They will tell you that if you want to be a star, you have to be a bad girl, just do it. Before you know it, you are down. Some of the girls also do it because they feel that is the only way they will be recognised. They feel if they go Nood people will hail them. What they don’t know is if marketers are 100, it may be only 10 that will love you but 90 will hate you and the fans too. That lady that went naked in Room 27 tried. I cannot do it.

Have you featured in one of those movies?

Of course, yes. There is one that is coming out soon, Mega Babes. I acted the part of a doctor and a stripper.

Did you go Nood?

No. You can never see me completely naked. You can only see my back. Although, normally, I dress hot, so I will only show you my back, my hands, face. You can never see my bosom  or any other sensitive part.

What will make you go naked?

Nothing! I will not act naked no matter how tempting the offer might be. My mother will kill me.

Why are you wearing earring on one ear, is it a fashion statement?

Yes. I just like it. It’s my style.

Why do you have many tattoos?

I love tattoos. All my tattoos have meanings. I don’t just draw anything on myself.

I have one on my back, waist and my arms. I can cover them if I am playing a good girl role. I wrote my family names on my body.

No tattoo on your bosom  or private part?


Where did you put your boyfriend’s name?

I won’t tell you. Tattoo is like a spirit; when you draw one, you will continue to draw. It is like a trend in fashion. If you are not strong willed, you will continue to draw till your whole body will be tattooed.

What happened to your hair?

We did a movie, Multiple Widows. In the movie, 15 Nollywood actresses shaved their hair. It is the movie from the stable of Pressing Forward. It was a village movie shot in Owerri. In the village, the men kill their brothers to inherit their wives and property. The men started it and we, the women were complaining. Then we decided to fight for widows and began to make money because the king of the village was paying widows N300,000 monthly. Some of the women that were not widows began killing their husbands in order to get rich. My character became jealous and killed her husband to join other widow to make money. In the movie the widows were collecting money until nemesis caught up with them.

We learnt they paid you millions?

The marketers paid every person that shaved her hair. I don’t know how much  each person was paid.

How much were you paid in your first movie?

The truth is that everyone that became anybody in the movie industry did not collect much. I cannot tell you my own so that I will not be priced below what I have been collecting but I thank God that I am now better off.

How is your private life like?

Good. I am not married and I am not searching. But I am hooked.

Who is he?

I will not tell you anything about him but he is a Nigerian resident outside the country

What attracted you to him?

I think his personality, character and charisma. All put together make him what he is. He is caring and understanding. He encouraged me to go into acting. When the first job came, I sought his consent and he told me to go ahead. It is not every man that would allow his lover to join Nollywood. Mind you, we were dating before I joined Nollywood.

What will make you leave him?

Nothing! I love him.

How do you cope with men?

I always tell them I am in a relationship.

Are you telling me that there is not a man that has approached you and you felt like hanging out with him?

We are too busy in our kind of job. There is no problem if you ask me out but the problem is that I might too busy to see you. Moreover, I have a high taste. It takes me time to see someone and decide to go out with that person. I don’t date someone I don’t like.

What exactly will you see in a guy and like him?

In everyone, there is one unique thing. The man must be good looking because I am good looking. I just like good looking, hardworking and caring guys.

What is your definition of caring? He takes you to Dubai for holidays and shopping, spoils you silly?

Not only that, it is important but it is not all about money. He should care about your feelings too. He might be giving you money without caring about how you feel.

In other words, you cannot marry a poor man?

I don’t want to marry a poor man. Even poverty is banned in the church; why do you want me to marry a poor man? That I don’t want to marry a poor man doesn’t mean, I am seriously searching for a rich man. No. There is no human being that is poor. If a conductor can date someone that he can cater for with his income, they can manage. But if he begins to date somebody that his income cannot cater for, that will make him poor. As long as you are doing something, you are not poor. Lazy people are the ones that are poor and I don’t like lazy people.

What part of your body do you cherish the most?

My face. Without the face there is nobody. Also my thighs and legs.

Nobody talks about your bosom ?

That one is normal. They talk everything about me.

What do you want to achieve in the next five years?

I have dreams. I love kids. Do you know how I cry in movies? I remember kids I see in motherless homes in their sorry state and I cannot do anything about their pitiable condition, I cry. They are my dreams. I want to have enough money to take care of them. Not necessarily having a foundation but assisting the established ones. I have been doing that from the university. I am still doing that. I don’t give to someone that will give me back.

How religious are you?

My mother is a Chosen Mopol oo. Forget my looks oo, I can pray very well. I love the Lord’s Chosen Church but we seem not to agree with some of their doctrines.

Is there any difference between Lillian the actress and the Lillian off-screen?

There is a huge difference between Lillian on-screen and Lillian off-screen. On TV, I am doing what I am paid for. My character might be a bad girl and I have to make myself look that bad but in real life, I am not that kind of person. Some people mistake what you do on TV to be real.

Have you been embarrassed on that account?

Yes! There was a movie I did, Festac Babes. I tell you, some people will see me on the road and beg me not to do anything to their husband. Some will call me and ask me if I really have HIV? Stupid questions! Please, I am different.

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