25 Amazing facts about love that you need to know

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Love is a wonderful and exciting feeling. Because of love we are able to lose reason, to see the world through pink glasses, to neglect our friends and even to start wars.
Love is the most spontaneous and the most precious thing that will happen in everyone’s life. We exist to love and to be loved. Everybody has his own opinion about the meaning of love
Whether you’re in a relationship, married or single – these love facts will remind you why love is the most important thing in life!
Fact #1
Men who kiss their partners in the morning, live five years longer than those who don’t do that.
Fact #2
The oldest known song was a love song. A group of Czech archaeologists found evidence in
Abu Sir, that the oldest song in the world was with a love theme.
Fact #3
Feminists are far more likely to be in a romantic relationship than other women.
Fact #4
When people tell how they fell in love, as some rule they all believe that the process was out of their control.
Fact #5
Falling in love can cause calming effects on the body and the mind. This enhances memory and nervous system in general.
Fact #6
The feeling of love can cause stress similar to that which occurs in fear. Pupils spread, palms sweat and heart rate accelerates.
Fact #7
Scan the brains of people who see pictures of their loved ones, showed that the pictures activate the part of the brain who is associated with longing.
Fact #8
Women of the Tiwi tribe on the South Pacific are married as soon as they are born.
Fact #9
The tradition of giving a diamond engagement ring comes from Austrian Archduke Maximilian who in the 15th century, gave such ring to his beloved Mary of Burgundy.
Fact #10
Approximately 43% of women do not want men to stop messages and letters with the words ‘I love you’ unless they are willing to seriously commit to this relationship.
Fact #11
The new couples in love produce decreased levels of the hormone serotonin, as in people with compulsive – obsessive disorder. Maybe that is the reason why we become so obsessed with someone at the beginning of the relationship.
Fact #12
Each year on St. Valentines in Verona arrive thousands of letters addressed to Romeo and Juliet.
Fact #13
If we get “dumped”, we love even more the person who dumped us. That is a consequence of a specific biochemical reaction in the brain.
Fact #14
Why are there so many romances that happen in the workplace? Because love depends mostly on the common spent time and proximity.
Fact #15
One of five long-term relationships began while one partner was still in a relationship with someone else.
Fact #16
It is said that love hurts, but romantic relationship can make happy both men and women.
Fact #17
65% of people when kissing tilt the head to the right to avoid hitting the noses.
Fact #18
Women who read romance novels have sex twice more than those who don’t do that.
Fact #19
It has been discovered that 85% of men who died of heart attack during sexual intercourse with their spouse, had affairs with other women.
Fact #20
According to one mathematical theory, we should date 12 people before we choose our life partner, because on that way chances are high that we will make the best possible choice.
Fact #21
The most popular song for couples for their first dance on the wedding is the song „Everything I do“ by Brian Adams.
Fact #22
Two of five people marry their first love. 60% of these marriages have proved successful.
Fact #23
The Guinness record for longest marriage was 85 years.
Fact #24
The most romantic song of all time is „Unchained Melody“ by Righteous Brothers.
Fact #25
The character of the people in a relationship changes to become more similar to the character of the partner. It is believed that people who are in a relationship start to resemble each other.
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