Comedian Alibaba In Defence Of Stella Damasus' ''How To Keep Your Man...''

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Back to the HASHTAG I talked about earlier, ‪#‎WhatMadeYourGuyLeaveYou‬.Many ladies missed the point as they always often do. They were talking about how men are polygamous in nature, Cheats, irresponsible, not ready for commitment, gigolos, lack ambition, lack self control, think with their third legs... BLA BLA BLA.

I need to mention at this time, that i was at that time preparing to talk to young ladies who were looking to settle down and finding the right guy. And to tell you the truth, a lot of the ladies missed the whole point by a mile or 2. They need to read STELLA DAMASUS' piece.

It's easy for a lady to say, a guy was not serious that's why the relationship broke up. Or to say, he used her and dumped her for another lady. Fine. That is what they think made the guy leave. But to be honest, was that all there was to it?